diumenge, 30 de gener de 2011

1sB Mon. 31st Jan 2011/1sD Fri 4th Feb. 2011

This week we will start with activites of the new unit, working with vocabulary and grammar of unit 4.

  • Weather vocabulary: 1 (listen to the weather predictions and follow the right steps in the game), 2, 3, 4 ( copy in your little notebook the weather words and the seasons with the translation into Spanish or Catalan. Do the first two activities there), 5
  • Nationalities: 1, 2 (watch the videos and copy 5 countries and nationalities that are present in the videos), 3

Any time left, have a look at this video and see what is happening. Click here .
Aprofiteu bé la sessió i demaneu els dubtes a la professora. La propera setmana començarem a fer els examens orals durant aquesta hora i durant dues setmanes per tal de poder fer-los a tothom.
Atenció: aquesta propera setmana començarem amb el llibre de lectura. Farem una part a classe i una part a casa. Esteu atents!

3rd G. Wednesday 2nd February 2011

  • First do the listening and reading exercises of this 3rd F session. Pay attention to the activities you have to do in your notebook. Click here
  • Next, do these activities . Click here

I advise you to work and ask any doubts to the teacher. See you next session.

3rd F Thursday 3rd February 2011

Today we are going to work with contents of unit 4.
  • First, do the listening activities and write in your notebook a comment on your result. Click here to do the activities.( split lesson 12)
  • Reading comprehension: copy the chart in your notebook and complete it. Next, copy the questions about the reading and answer them:
1. How many hours sa day do women spend on average doing housework'
2. Who spends more time looking after children? what about your family?
3. What do men usually do at home?
4. What don't men usually do at home?
5. What kind of housework do you usually do?

  • Next, do the grammar exercises. Write at least one or two sentences of each exercise in your notebook to have as an example. For any doubt, ask your teacher. Some contents have been studied in 1st and 2nd of eso, so you shouldn't have many problems.
See you next week.

divendres, 21 de gener de 2011

3rd F Thursday 27th January 2011

To start, finish the activities you didn't do last week. Click here

If you finished everything, get ready to be tested.

  • Start doing these activities to check your knowledge on different topics: 1 (write the result in your notebook, I am so curious!)
  • Continue with this quiz to check your learning progress. Click here
  • This is a multiple choice cloze test. Try to do it. Click here
  • Next, try this vocabulary quiz activity. Click here.

To finish, do these activities on sports. Click here. Do the activity asked about the video if you have taken your headphones and the treasure hunt in pairs. The teacher will give you a sheet of paper to write the answers of the questions in the treasure hunt on the Olympic Games and the answers to the video activity.

Remember that the headphones are considered part of the material you need for your English lessons.

That's all for today. See you next week!

2nd Bachiller C. 24th January 2011

Today, you've got this hour to check the different contents of your exam. I advise you to practise some phonetics too.
First of all, many of you didn't come last day or didn't finish the activities I had prepared for you last week, so practise the last session contents. click here.
Here, you've got more links to practise:
  • Phonetics: 1, 2, 3.
  • Grammar: 1 (conjunctions quiz), 2 (the use of the article ), 3 (conditionals game), 4 (future tenses quiz), 5 (advanced grammar review quiz), 6 (conditionals quiz), 7 (active to passive), 8 (passive to active), 9 ( have something done)
  • Writing: 1 (common mistakes to take into account), 2 (a text about image), 3 ( a text with exercises to do on-line: comprehension, synonyms, grammar)
That's all for today. I hope this session to be useful for you. See you tomorrow.

1st B Mon 24th Jan/ 1stD Fri 28th Jan

Avui teniu la sessió per acabar tasques de setmanes anteriors. Es imprescindible que ho feu avui abans de poder fer coses noves. Aquí hi ha els enllaços a les tres darreres sessions:
  • 1 ( December 2010. A tots vos va quedar pendent fer la tasca sobre Great Britain. Vos repartiré un full, la feu allà i me la doneu per puntuar. La podeu fer en parelles si ho preferiu)
  • 2 (10th/14th January 2011)
  • 3 ( 17th/21st January 2011)
Per a aquells que ho acabin tot, aquí hi ha algunes activitats per fer:
  • 1 ( easy questions)
  • 2 (sequencing daily activities reading activity)
  • 3 (parts of the body memory. Listening)
  • 4 (read the descriptions and write a similar description about yourself in your notebook)
  • 5 (present simple, negative sentences, word order)
Això és tot per avui. Pel proper dia dueu el llibre de lectura a classe i el començarem a treballar.

diumenge, 16 de gener de 2011

3rdF Thursday 20th January 2011

First of all, finish the activities you didn't do last week. I'll pass and check if you are doing it. Click here.
Next do these revision exercises of units 1 and 2:
  • 1 (present continuous hangman)
  • 2 (past simple irregular verbs game)
  • 3 (past simple vs past continuous game)
  • 4 ( past simple reading game)
  • 5 (cloze text)
  • 6 (subject and object pronouns for you to check)
  • 7
For Solange and Delia:
  • 1 (past simple or past simple, fill in the gaps)
  • 2 (complete with the right verb)
  • 3 (irregular verbs speedy game)
  • 4 (present simple vs present continuous sentences)
  • 5

divendres, 14 de gener de 2011

2nd Bachiller C, Monday 17th Jan. 2011

First of all, finish the exercises and activities you didn't do in the last sessions. Click here and here.

Now, you have more grammar exercises to practise the different contents we have studied in class:
Vocabulary exercises:
  • Shopping: 1 (you can listen to the dialogue with your headphones), 2 (another dialogue), 3( going to a fast-food restaurant model dialogue), 4 (very complete list of vocabulary, expressions and model dialogues. I advise you to take notes in your notebook if you are going to London. They can be very useful.)

Phonetics: try to do some exercises and quizzes here. Another web for you to practise. Click here.(odd one out),
That's all for today. See you next week.

1st eso B Mon 17th Jan/1st eso D Fri 21st Jan 2010

First of all, finish last week activities. Click here ( acabeu primer les activitats pendents)

- Politècnic ( a l'esquerra dins el requadre en taronja). Trieu el nivell de:1st eso i clickeu a la unit 2.
Exercises to do: have got: exercises 1 and 4/ saxon genitive: exercises 1,2/ this, that, these, those: exercises 1,3. Escriu al quadernet alguna anotació sobre els problemes que trobis, els dubtes...

Aneu arrere i trieu ara la unit 3. Feu aquest exercicis:
Exercises to do: present simple. Exercises 1 (Form--1,3,4/ Use-- 1), 2,3,4. Escriu una frase de cada exercici al quadern.
Click here again. Aneu a : website for English students. Click here. 1st eso level
Extension/extra help. Do these exercises:
Present simple: exercise 4. Question words: exercises 2 and 4.

Si vos sobra temps, podeu fer aquestes activitats d'entreteniment( any extra time, you can do these entertaintment games):
  • 1 ( Olympic Games )
  • 2 ( extreme racing 2)
  • 3 ( snowboard challenge)
That's all for today. See you next week.

diumenge, 9 de gener de 2011

Monday 10th Jan. 2011 1B/ Friday 14th January 1D

Today we'll check some contents first.

Do these exercises to check grammar: :
  • 1 ( have in affirmative, Write three sentences in the little notebook.
  • 2 ( have got or to be. Quiz. Write the result in your little notebook with the mistakes corrected),
  • 3 ( be or have got, affirmative and negative. Write three sentences with to be and three sentences with have got in your notebook)
  • 4 ( possessive adjectives)
  • 5 ( personal pronouns. Write the result of the exercise in the little notebook)

  • 1 ( parts of the body)
  • 2 (memory game body)
  • 3 (listening. The months)
  • 4 ( the days of the week. Order the letters)
  • 5 ( family words). Write 5 pairs in your little notebook.
  • 6 (football game)
  • 7 (memory on sports and hobbies)
  • 8 (match the times of the clocks)
  • 9 (crossword with routine verbs)
  • 10 (keepy uppy game)
  • 11 ( discover how old you are: months, days and hours)
  • 12 (discover your animal in the Chinese horoscope. Write it in your notebook.)
That's all for today. See you next week.