diumenge, 30 de gener de 2011

3rd F Thursday 3rd February 2011

Today we are going to work with contents of unit 4.
  • First, do the listening activities and write in your notebook a comment on your result. Click here to do the activities.( split lesson 12)
  • Reading comprehension: copy the chart in your notebook and complete it. Next, copy the questions about the reading and answer them:
1. How many hours sa day do women spend on average doing housework'
2. Who spends more time looking after children? what about your family?
3. What do men usually do at home?
4. What don't men usually do at home?
5. What kind of housework do you usually do?

  • Next, do the grammar exercises. Write at least one or two sentences of each exercise in your notebook to have as an example. For any doubt, ask your teacher. Some contents have been studied in 1st and 2nd of eso, so you shouldn't have many problems.
See you next week.

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