divendres, 21 de gener de 2011

3rd F Thursday 27th January 2011

To start, finish the activities you didn't do last week. Click here

If you finished everything, get ready to be tested.

  • Start doing these activities to check your knowledge on different topics: 1 (write the result in your notebook, I am so curious!)
  • Continue with this quiz to check your learning progress. Click here
  • This is a multiple choice cloze test. Try to do it. Click here
  • Next, try this vocabulary quiz activity. Click here.

To finish, do these activities on sports. Click here. Do the activity asked about the video if you have taken your headphones and the treasure hunt in pairs. The teacher will give you a sheet of paper to write the answers of the questions in the treasure hunt on the Olympic Games and the answers to the video activity.

Remember that the headphones are considered part of the material you need for your English lessons.

That's all for today. See you next week!

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