dimecres, 4 de febrer de 2009

split lesson 4th eso D. Thursday 5th February09

In this session you are going to check some contents of unit 4 and work with contents of unit 5. Read the instructions carefully and enjoy the session.
First, you must click ' natural English´ and search in google. Then, select the pre-intermediate level and go to the unit 6 to work with comparatives and superlatives. Do the exercises and check the answers.
Next, go to this web page: www.iesramonllull.net. Select departments and choose the English department. Click there to enter. On the left of the page there are different levels. Choose the 4th of Eso level and check some contents of unit 4 and unit 5 to practise with them. Good luck! Enjoy the lesson and take profit of it.

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