dimecres, 25 de febrer de 2009

Split lesson 1stbatxillerD. Friday 27th February 09

Today, we are going to check different contents with different and varied activities. Remember to click on the words underlined to do the different activities.
First of all we'll check the verbal tenses because there have been problems in the exam with this exercise, so copy this table in your notebook with the examples given.
Now, we'll check the conditionals with these exercises. Did you like the story?
We'll change now to something different with relative pronouns.

Now, it's time to check vocabulary of phrasal verbs,
and tv words.

Finally, we'll deal with the topic of tv with the BBC web. Take a look at the latest stories that happen in England ( pay attention to the news about the young woman called Jade Goody who is dying of cancer and selling her last days to the tv to get money for her children. You can find her story at the back part of the page on the right.What do you think of it?).Read about them and make a comment in your notebook about two of them.

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