diumenge, 15 de febrer de 2009

Split lesson 4tE. Monday 16th February 2009

Today, first, we'll check the errors most of you have had in the exam. First of all, I want you copy in your notebooks the sentences that were in the exam with mistakes to correct. The coloured words are not right and I give you a clue to find the mistakes.Sentences:
a) She likes listen to music. b) Has you ever been in London? (auxiliary form)
c) She has gone out just. (word order) d) I used to went to my local primary school. (verb form)
e) I did my homework when the telephone rang. (long action in progress)
f) She wears a necklace at the moment. (action now) g) What she lost?
h) I've watched already this DVD. (word order) i) That song sound terrible.(3rd person sg.)
j) You must park your car in the parking. (vocabulary)

Now, you'll work the vocabulary of jobs and work using the different exercises here. First, we'll study the vocabulary of different jobs. Copy the jobs in your notebook in different lists, according to the suffix and do the exercise with the pictures of the different jobs. Add these ones in the list and do the exercise there. Next, you`ll do a reading comprehension. Write the answers in your notebook. And now, you''ll do a dialogue practice.
Now, it's time for a memory game. To end, you'll see an episode of how to apply for a job. Do the exercise one there.Did you understand everything? We'll continue talking about job interviews another day.Well, that's all for today.

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