diumenge, 8 de febrer de 2009

Split lesson 4eso E. Monday 9th February 09

Well, this week we have the exam, so we must take profit of this session to check the contents that will be present in it. To start with you can see a video explaining the use of the past simple and present perfect.
Now, you can click on the words underlined to do the different exercises related to past simple in the order given: first, one on Irregular verbs , next this exercise about questions in simple past, and later this test on simple past. Did you have good results? I hope so , don't hesitate to ask any doubts you have to the teacher. To continue with we'll do this exercise on present perfect, and another one on present perfect and past simple.
Now it's time to work with vocabulary. Do this dialogue about eating out and this food quiz. If you have extra time you can do this game activity Who's my Valentine?.
Any comment about the activities in this session, you can add a comment in this blog. Your participation is important to improve the results day after day. Thanks in advance.

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