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Split lesson. 3rd eso C. Thursday 5th February.

Atention! Read the instructions carefully to know what you are going to do during the session today.

Split lesson 3rd Eso C. Thursday 5th February 2009

Computering Room 3. Miquel Bennasar/ Maria Barceló

This session will be used to check some contents of grammar and vocabulary. Follow these instructions to do the different activities:
First, click `natural English´ on internet to search the page of Oxford. Select the pre-intermediate level. Click on `grammar´ and go to the following units:
unit 2 . Exercise based on countable and uncountable nouns (a,some,much,many).
Ø Unit 5. Exercises based on : can, can’t , have to, don’t have to.
Ø Unit 7. Revision of past simple and past continuous.

Next, go to the puzzles section and choose the following unit:

Ø Unit 7. Do the wordsearch of irregular verbs.

Then, in the vocabulary section do the exercises of unit 13, related to appearance, personality, likes and dislikes and character.
Finally, go to the next web page: www.iesramonllull.net. Select ‘ departaments´ and enter `departament d’anglès´. In the page , at the bottom, there is a category called ‘ Inglés Mundial´ . There, in unit 3, the topic of `people´ will be present. There is basic vocabulary on describing people. Write down in your notebook the basic expressions and words and do the matching activity on descriptions (photos of people- descriptions). That's all for today, folks. I hope you have made profit of the session. To be continued................

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