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ASK FOR YOUR DOUBTS TO THE TEACHER. SHOW THE TEACHER THE WORK DONE AT THE END OF THE SESSION (mostreu la feina feta al final de classe a la professora)

1st eso special students 6th/7th March

These are activities for Manolo, Dani Martín, Rafa Marmol, Dani Jerónimo, Jesús Navares, Marcos , Kevin...

  • Click here (verb to be, affirmative sentences. Copia 5 frases al quadernet)
  • Click here (verb to be, mixed- copia al quadernet les frases 2,3,8,9,10)
  • Click here (verb to be, mixed. Copia al quadernet les errades)
  • Click here (ordena les paraules a les frases.-possessive adjectives sentences- Fes 3 frases al quadernet)

  • Click here (copia els verbs al quadernent i després fes els exercicis online)
  • Click here (days and months- list and game) and here
  • Click here (ordinal numbers- 1 to 10. Escriu-los al quadernent i fes els exercicis online) i ara un joc de memòria dels nombres ordinals fins al 6. Click here
Això és tot per avui. 

2nd Bachiller B, Friday 8th March 2013

First of all, continue with last week activities . Click here 

Now, let's check grammar and vocabulary of unit 5. Click here and you'll have a varied session with different contents for you to practise.

Enjoy the session. Ask for your doubts.

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1st eso B/C, Wed.27th feb/6th and 7th March 2013

today, let's check some grammar and vocabulary seen in class but with mistakes you have done.Some  Today's activities must be done in the paper and given to the teacher at the end of the class.
1. Find the mistakes in these sentences:(activity to do in the paper)
  a) I not like do homework.
  b) He have got brown long hair.
 c) Her parent's rom is don't big.
 e) Are your father hapi?
 f) There arent some libraryes in my area.
g) Mi sister has got twenti years old.

2. Have got or to be? Click here. ( do it in the paper. Copy the text too )

3. Have got or to be? Click here ( to do online)

4. Present simple.Let's check the affirmative and negative form. Click here (standard level)   or here (low level). Click here too- ( aquest darrer link és per a tots)
4. vocabulary. Check this vocabulary of hobbies. Click here   and   here.
 What hobbies do you like? What don't you like? Write a sentence about your hobbies in the paper.
 Start with: I like/ I'm into/ I am interested in.  or   I don't like/ I'm not into/ I'm not interested in...

  • routine verbs. Click here Tradueix al full aquests verbs: have dinner, have lunch, have breakfast, get dressed, have a shower, go to bed, get up.
  • A game for everybody now. Click here

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2nd Bachiller B, Friday 22nd February 2013

Today you can finish the contents you didn't do last week. REMEMBER to do the exercises on the READING ( synonyms)

-Now, it's time to start with a reading comprehension to practise for your next selectivity exam. Click here and do it on-line.(How the Chipmunk got its stripes)
Apart from the questions to answer, do these activities on the reading too:
a) Change these sentences in reported speech into direct speech: 
1.They wondered if it would be better to remain in darkness.
2.Raccoon said that he didn't mind the darkness.
3. Find a synonym for these words:
 - any (1st paragraph)
 - join (2nd paragraph)
 - a big quantity of ( 2nd paragraph)
 - intelligent (3rd paragraph)
 - continue ( 4th paragraph)
 - giant  ( 5th paragraph)

When you finish, show the task to the teacher.

If you have any time left, do these vocabulary activities:

  • Phrasal verbs . Click here. These phrasal verbs are among the BASIC ONES YOU MUST LEARN FOR SELECTIVITY, so if you need to take notes in your notebook and write some examples just do it.
  • idioms and expressions. Click here
  • vocabulary on fame world. Click here. You have a text and the meaning of the specific words and expressions explained. Did you understand everything?
  • News on celebrities and fame. Click here.
That's all for today. See you next week. 

4th diversif. Friday 22nd February 2013

First of all, you have to check  reading and writing, so click here, take the model and do a similar model about you ( 1st paragraph of the profile). Answer also these questions. The teacher will give you a paper to do the activity. copy the questions and answers and write your profile.

  1. Who does she live with?
  2. Does she play any musical instrument?
  3. What did she choose last year but she hated it? 
  4. What did she change to?
  5. Are her classmates friendly and nice or rude?
  6. What happened to her at the beginning of the first year?
  7. What is bad about her school?
  8. What is the school like? ( cóm és l'escola?)

Give it to the teacher to be corrected.

Now, let's start to practise past simple contents:
a) Click here (regular verbs, affirmative form) and here
b) Click here (negative form. Write in your notebook the past simple and base form of these basic verbs as well as a sentence of the exercise)
c) click here ( Wh- questions in past. Write 5 questions and 5 matching answers in your notebook.)
General revision now:

  •  Click here. ( check wh- questions.)
  • Click here (possessive adjectives)
  • Click here ( have got)
  • Click here ( a game to finish)
See you in two weeks.

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PQPI Monday 18th Feb. 2013

Avui, vos donaré les mitjanes un a un i vos explicaré el que cal que milloreu en cas de que les vostres qualificacions siguin negatives o millorables. Haig de dir que en general esteu un poc despistats en quan a l'entrega de feines i haig d'anar darrera vosaltres massa sovint. Crec que vos heu de responsabilitzar més de les vostres tasques i el vostre procés d'aprenentatge i ser més autònoms i responsables ja que també se vos demanarà això a la feina.

Ara, anem a practicar el que ha fallat a l'examen. Recordeu que el que està en verd és el que heu d'escriure al quadern. Poseu la data, afegiu COMPUTER SESSION i feu els exercicis allà. Els pocs quaderns que m'heu entregat no tots estan complets i penseu que el 50% de les classes són a l'aula d'informàtica i, per tant la feina i actitud allà compta molt. Si teniu dubtes m'ho demaneu sense problemes.
Si dóna temps avui començarem la pràctica oral de dos en dos i si no dóna temps avui començarem el proper dilluns.


  • possessive adjectives:  click here.  Click also here. And here
  • demonstrative adjectives: click here. Click also here. Now click here and write 6 of the sentences in your notebook ( les frases en singular i les equivalents en plural.
  • basic writing and reading. Click here (completa el qüestionari i després copia'l al quadern. Quan acabis mostra'l a la professora.El pots sentir amb els cascos.)
  • Vocabulary. Professions. Click here
  •                   Numbers. Click here and here (hangman)
  •                   nationalities and countries. Click here and here
  • Answer in your notebook these questions: 

  1. What colours has the French flag?
  2.  What colours has  the Greek flag?                                                                 
  3.  Is the Mexican flag green and red?
    •  What flag has got 40 little stars in it? What do these stars represent?

To finish try to do this game. You have to complete the shopping list before the time finishes. Click here.

Ensenyeu-me el que heu fet avui al quadern. Penseu que si no podeu acabar les activitats dilluns que ve ho podreu fer. Have a nice lesson. 

Feina afegida per al dia 18 de març:

  • Personal information vocabulary. Copia al quadern les paraules noves i fes els exercicis online. Click here
  • months and days of the week. Click here  and here. Copia al quadern els mesos, les estacions de l'any i els dies de la setmana. Agrupa junts els schooldays i els weekend days i agrupa els mesos segons les estacions de l'any en la qual els trobem.
  • big numbers: click here. Copia al quadern 3 nombres dels llargs per a tenir-los de model.
  • shopping vocabulary. click here
  • Colours. Click here   and here
A game to finish- Click here  or here

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4th diversificació.Friday 15th February 2013

First of all, let's do some Saint Valentine's activities.

  • Click here and try this quiz.
  • Another activity on this special day. Click here  and here ( a love quiz). You can do this one too.
Now, let's check some contents of the units we have studied:
  • Click here ( the big challenge test. Write the result in your notebook)
  • Click here ( wh- questions review)
  • Click here (present simple + wh- question words. Write five of the questions of the first exercise in your notebook.
  • Click here (present continuous)
  • Click here ( a grammar quiz). Write the result in your notebook.
  • Click here (memory on sports, listening)
  • Click here ( a game, translate your name into different exotic languages and see the result)
  • Click here (reading/listening). Take it as a model to write a similar text about what you do at the weekend. YOU NEED TO PRACTISE READING
That's all for today. See you next week.

2nd Bachiller B, Friday 15th February 2013

First of all, finish the activities you didn't do last week. Remember that there is a reading activity on synonyms to show to the teacher. Click here 

Now, let's check REPORTED SPEECH.:

  • Click here ( you can do different exercises on commands, questions and statements. You can also check other contents if you want.)
  • Click here to check LINKERS:  1  ,     2,    3 
  • Click here to check word Formation, general grammar and phrasal verbs :  1
  • Click here to check passive.( Change the sentences from active to passive.)
  • Click here to check  conditionals and composition of words.
I think that's enough for you. You can also check the contents at home. Have a nice weekend.

diumenge, 3 de febrer de 2013

2nd Bachiller B, Friday 8th February 2013

Let's check some grammar contents that you have failed in the exam as you have the grammar and vocabulary exam next 20th February.
. have/get something done. Remember the use and how to do it. Click here. Exercise now. Click here  and here (exercise with answers to check your result)
. passive and active transformations. Click here  and here. More practice for you, click here.
. conditionals. Click here and here
. I wish exercises. Click here and here
. Verbal tenses: click here and here.

READING. Click here. Find in the text synonyms for these words: main (1st paragraph), selection (2nd paragraph), substituted(4th paragraph), publication (4th paragraph),  obtained (6th paragraph),  quickly (6th paragraph). When you finish the reading exercise, show it to the teacher and compare with your classmates the synonyms you have written.

- Composition of words. Theory and practice. Click here. Take notes in your notebook for the exam.
-Connectors. Click here and here (theory and examples).  Click here ( rewriting sentences, as in the exam) too.

PHONETICS exercises. Click here  and here. Click here too.

That's all for today. See you next week.

1st ESO FAST STUDENTS. 6th and 7th February 2013

Today., during the time left, the students who finished everything last week can do these activities online.

  • Easy questions and answers words. Write the mistakes in the little notebook. Click here.
  • A test to do. Write the result in the little notebook. Click here
  • A mixed exercise. Click here ( a vocabulary quiz)
  • nationalities. Click here and here
  • a video to have a look. Click here (asking and answering questions. British humour)
  • try to do this listening. Click here ( we are the world, song).
A game to finish. Click here

See you next week.

PQPI -1 MON 4TH FEB. 2013

Avui repassarem per l'examen de dijous. Acabeu també totes les activitats pendents que teniu per entregar. 

Per als que teniu feines pendents, teniu tota l'hora per a fer-ho.

Per als que heu acabat tot, aquí hi ha uns exercicis de repàs de tot el que entra a l'examen:

  • Possessive adjectives. Click here. Copieu al quadern la taula dels pronoms possessius que teniu aquí de model. Click here
  • Easy questions and answers: click here   and here (video scenes of famous series- introducing people)
  • Nationalities: click here  and here
  • Understanding a text and answering questions. Do it in your notebook. Click here
  • Numbers in English: click here
  • Clothes exercises vocabulary. Click here
  • Professions. Click here  and here
  • going shopping. Click here ( do the pre-listening activity first and then listen to the dialogue twice)
  • going shopping. Click here. (matching exercise)

That's all for today. See you on Thursday.