diumenge, 3 de febrer de 2013

2nd Bachiller B, Friday 8th February 2013

Let's check some grammar contents that you have failed in the exam as you have the grammar and vocabulary exam next 20th February.
. have/get something done. Remember the use and how to do it. Click here. Exercise now. Click here  and here (exercise with answers to check your result)
. passive and active transformations. Click here  and here. More practice for you, click here.
. conditionals. Click here and here
. I wish exercises. Click here and here
. Verbal tenses: click here and here.

READING. Click here. Find in the text synonyms for these words: main (1st paragraph), selection (2nd paragraph), substituted(4th paragraph), publication (4th paragraph),  obtained (6th paragraph),  quickly (6th paragraph). When you finish the reading exercise, show it to the teacher and compare with your classmates the synonyms you have written.

- Composition of words. Theory and practice. Click here. Take notes in your notebook for the exam.
-Connectors. Click here and here (theory and examples).  Click here ( rewriting sentences, as in the exam) too.

PHONETICS exercises. Click here  and here. Click here too.

That's all for today. See you next week.

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