dissabte, 23 de febrer de 2013

1st eso B/C, Wed.27th feb/6th and 7th March 2013

today, let's check some grammar and vocabulary seen in class but with mistakes you have done.Some  Today's activities must be done in the paper and given to the teacher at the end of the class.
1. Find the mistakes in these sentences:(activity to do in the paper)
  a) I not like do homework.
  b) He have got brown long hair.
 c) Her parent's rom is don't big.
 e) Are your father hapi?
 f) There arent some libraryes in my area.
g) Mi sister has got twenti years old.

2. Have got or to be? Click here. ( do it in the paper. Copy the text too )

3. Have got or to be? Click here ( to do online)

4. Present simple.Let's check the affirmative and negative form. Click here (standard level)   or here (low level). Click here too- ( aquest darrer link és per a tots)
4. vocabulary. Check this vocabulary of hobbies. Click here   and   here.
 What hobbies do you like? What don't you like? Write a sentence about your hobbies in the paper.
 Start with: I like/ I'm into/ I am interested in.  or   I don't like/ I'm not into/ I'm not interested in...

  • routine verbs. Click here Tradueix al full aquests verbs: have dinner, have lunch, have breakfast, get dressed, have a shower, go to bed, get up.
  • A game for everybody now. Click here

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