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2nd Bachiller B, Friday 22nd February 2013

Today you can finish the contents you didn't do last week. REMEMBER to do the exercises on the READING ( synonyms)

-Now, it's time to start with a reading comprehension to practise for your next selectivity exam. Click here and do it on-line.(How the Chipmunk got its stripes)
Apart from the questions to answer, do these activities on the reading too:
a) Change these sentences in reported speech into direct speech: 
1.They wondered if it would be better to remain in darkness.
2.Raccoon said that he didn't mind the darkness.
3. Find a synonym for these words:
 - any (1st paragraph)
 - join (2nd paragraph)
 - a big quantity of ( 2nd paragraph)
 - intelligent (3rd paragraph)
 - continue ( 4th paragraph)
 - giant  ( 5th paragraph)

When you finish, show the task to the teacher.

If you have any time left, do these vocabulary activities:

  • Phrasal verbs . Click here. These phrasal verbs are among the BASIC ONES YOU MUST LEARN FOR SELECTIVITY, so if you need to take notes in your notebook and write some examples just do it.
  • idioms and expressions. Click here
  • vocabulary on fame world. Click here. You have a text and the meaning of the specific words and expressions explained. Did you understand everything?
  • News on celebrities and fame. Click here.
That's all for today. See you next week. 

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