dijous, 14 de febrer de 2013

4th diversificació.Friday 15th February 2013

First of all, let's do some Saint Valentine's activities.

  • Click here and try this quiz.
  • Another activity on this special day. Click here  and here ( a love quiz). You can do this one too.
Now, let's check some contents of the units we have studied:
  • Click here ( the big challenge test. Write the result in your notebook)
  • Click here ( wh- questions review)
  • Click here (present simple + wh- question words. Write five of the questions of the first exercise in your notebook.
  • Click here (present continuous)
  • Click here ( a grammar quiz). Write the result in your notebook.
  • Click here (memory on sports, listening)
  • Click here ( a game, translate your name into different exotic languages and see the result)
  • Click here (reading/listening). Take it as a model to write a similar text about what you do at the weekend. YOU NEED TO PRACTISE READING
That's all for today. See you next week.

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