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4th diversif. Friday 22nd February 2013

First of all, you have to check  reading and writing, so click here, take the model and do a similar model about you ( 1st paragraph of the profile). Answer also these questions. The teacher will give you a paper to do the activity. copy the questions and answers and write your profile.

  1. Who does she live with?
  2. Does she play any musical instrument?
  3. What did she choose last year but she hated it? 
  4. What did she change to?
  5. Are her classmates friendly and nice or rude?
  6. What happened to her at the beginning of the first year?
  7. What is bad about her school?
  8. What is the school like? ( cóm és l'escola?)

Give it to the teacher to be corrected.

Now, let's start to practise past simple contents:
a) Click here (regular verbs, affirmative form) and here
b) Click here (negative form. Write in your notebook the past simple and base form of these basic verbs as well as a sentence of the exercise)
c) click here ( Wh- questions in past. Write 5 questions and 5 matching answers in your notebook.)
General revision now:

  •  Click here. ( check wh- questions.)
  • Click here (possessive adjectives)
  • Click here ( have got)
  • Click here ( a game to finish)
See you in two weeks.

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