dimarts, 27 de maig de 2014

M V Friday 30th May 2014

Today, have a look at these files that will help you to do your curriculum vitae.

  • Click here (tips and what to take into account when writing your curriculum vitae)
  • Click here (reading comprehension, a job interview)
  • Click here (qualities to apply for a job)
  • Click here. (50 personality traits for a job). Choose 8 that you have and write them in your curriculum vitae, in your profile. ( I am........................................................
  • Click here (typical questions in an interview. Choose 8 and write them with appropriate answers in the paper the teacher will give you.)
More vocabulary suitable for you. Click here (more typical questions for job interviews)
  • examples of job ads. Click here    and   here

That's all for today. See you next week.

4th diversificacio Friday 30th May

Here you have some ideas for your project and some vocabulary you can use:

  1. Vocabulary. Click here (geography terms) 
                                      Click here (places in a city)
                                      Click here  (the city, varied vocabulary)

2. Reading comprehension. Click here (Mexico city. Try to do the exercise)
                                            Click here ( New York city. Example)
                                           Click here ( Arabia Saudí example)

3. Power point presentation example. Click here ( Nigeria)
                                                         Click here (different cities and countries examples of information, power points...)

That's all for today. See you next week.Have a nice weekend.

2nC Fri 30th May/2nD Tuesday 3rd June

Let's check for next exam:
the vocabulary in the exam will be the vocabulary of units 5 and 6, basically (time expressions, adjectives for animals, personality adjectives and words related to sport-unit 7)

Grammar revision:
  • unit 5. Comparatives and superlatives. Click here   and  here
  • unit 6. Click here (uses of will), click also here   and   here.
  •            1st conditional. Click here    and      here

  • unit 7. GOING TO. Click here,     here    and  here.
  •            Going to or will. Click here ,    here. Copy the uses of wil /going to and one example of each use.

Checking general grammar.
  • click here (word order advanced level of the class)
  • click here (word order elementary level)
  • Click here (questions. exercises a-advanced; exercises b and c, elementary)
  • Click here (question wh- words)
  • Click here (object, subject pronouns and possessive adjectives)
Reading and writing. 
  • going to/will. Click here . Answer the questions in your notebook.
  • future predictions. Click here

That's all for today. See you in the exam.

dijous, 22 de maig de 2014

MV Friday 23rd MAy 2014

. First, do the activities you didn't do last weeks because you studied for your exams. Click here (s'ha d'entregar la tasca del personatge de la pel.lícula.)

  • what your name means. Write the meaning of your name in your notebook. Are you curious about the meaning of your name? so click here.
  • What your birthdate means. Click here
  • write your names in different exotic languages. Which result did you prefer? Click here.
  • Choose a song and do the activities. Write in your notebook the title of the song, the singer and what the song expresses. Click here.
  • Worst movies scenes ever. Just for fun. Click here
  • One web that received a prize because of its originality. Click here
That's all for today. See you next week!

4t diversificacio 23rd May 2014

First of all, finish the activities you couldn't do last week. Click here

Now, do these activities:

1) Grammar revision of the year contents. Mistakes you usually do, so let's check it.
  • Click here (copy the mistakes in your notebook. Present simple or continuous?
  • Click here,    here (be or have got? copy the mistakes in your notebook.)
  • Click here (possessive adjectives quiz. Do it online)
  • Click here. Order the words exercise. Mixed tenses. Copy two sentences in your notebook and translate them.

2) Vocabulary.
  • Click here  (odd one out, categories)
  • Click here. Adjectives, opposites)
  • Click here (hangman, numbers)

3) Reading. Curiosities.
  • A web that received a prize because of its originality. Jim Carrey. Click here
  • Click here   or here  for your horoscope prediction of the day. 
  • Numerology, what your name means. Click here  and discover the secrets hidden in your name.
  • Click here to write your name using the Egiptian language. Click here. Do you like the result? Change your name into other languages. Click here
  • Some terrible scenes of films. Click here
  • A game. Click here

That's all for today. See you next week!

2nd C, Friday 23rd May 2014

Let's practise with unit 6 contents today.

  1. Will/won't. click here,    here,    here,      here,     and here (copy in the notebook 1 sentence of each exercise.
  2. 1st Conditional sentences. Click here,   here. Copy in the notebook two sentences of each exercise.
  3. Quantitative pronouns. Click here (theory + practice. Copy the mistakes.

Reading comprehension.
  1. Numerology, what your name means. Copy the meaning of your name and your personality traits in your notebook. Click here
  2. Horoscope. Look for your horoscope prediction. Write in your notebook one of the predictions about it. Click here (year prediction)    or here(daily prediction)
  1. Change your name into different languages. Click here . Did you like the result?
  2. The worst scenes ever seen. Movies scenes. Click here  and  here
  3. Jim Carrey's web. It received a prize because of i ts originality. Get impressed! Click here

Now, do the survey about Alcudia that the teacher will give you.

That's all for today. See you next Monday in class!

dijous, 8 de maig de 2014

4th Diversificacio, Friday 8th May 2014

. First of all, please, finish the activities you didn't do last session. Click here.

Next, do these activities. We'll do an exam with these contents in a week.
  • Grammar. 
  1. Will. Click here. Copy in the notebook the chart of the Common mistakes.   
  2. Will/won't. Click here
  3. Going to. Click here
  4. Going to. Click here
  5. Going to. Click here (do exercise 2 in your notebook)
  6. Should/shouldn't for advice. Click here
  • Vocabulary.
  1. Click here (do test 1 and test 2 with verbs)
  2. Click here (jobs and places. Boarding game)
  3. Click here (vocabulary on food+exercises. Practise it.)
  4. Click here. Choose a Song and practise English with the activities on the song. Write in your notebook the title of the song, the singer and a comment about the song. )


         Click here and practise English with the Big Challenge

  1. Click here (verb to be, affirmative. Copy and translate 3 sentences)
  2. Click here (verb to be). Copy in your notebook the mistakes)
  3. Click here (have or has)
  4. Click here (reading/listening. Complete with the word. Write the text in your notebook)
  • Vocabulary. Do the same exercises as your classmates.Write down the new words in your notebook.
Friday 16th May.

  1.     Click here (verb have got. Copy in your notebook the text with the words and translate it-copia el text i tradueix-lo)
  2. Click here (wh- questions). Escriu al quadern una pregunta de cada amb la seva resposta)
  3. Vocabulary. Revision. Click here (easy descriptions)
  4. Vocabulary. Numbers. Click here   and   here

  •      Game. Click here (spin off game, basic level)
That's all for today. See you !

NEW CONTENTS FOR THE 16th MAY if you have finished everything:

Avui fareu les activitats on-line, només heu de copiar els usos de Will i Going to si no ho vàreu fer la setmana passada, ja que a l'examen haureu de fer un exercici d'usar una o l'altra forma.

  1. Unit -Ingles Mundial-  on line. Click here and do the activities of the unit on-line.(vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening comprehension). VALERIA i MIQUEL també.(part de vocabulari)
  2. Will/going to . An exercise using both forms. Click here. Remember the uses of Will and Going to. Write them in your notebook with an example of each.
  3. Vocabulary game. Click here
  4. A curious activity now, click here and discover what your name means.
  5. A funny video now. Click here
Have a nice weekend!

dimecres, 7 de maig de 2014

MV Friday 9th May 2014

LA tasca d'avui l'entregareu en un full a la professora i serà avaluada, ja que darrerament no feu la feina encomanada a l'hora d'informàtica.

Si no teniu un full, demaneu-ho a la professora. Primer, fareu les preguntes i respostes que hi havia a la sessió anterior. Aquí teniu l'enllaç de la sessió de blog d'abans de PAsqua. Click here. Poseu-ho al full.

A continuació, trieu dos personatges de la pel.lícula In Time i cerqueu a aquests enllaços la informació que vos deman per completar de cadascun d'ells:
- Name of the actor/actress:
- Age (edat):
- Films or series this actor/actress has starred
- Nationality:
- Family:
- Living place:
-Physical description.
- Role in the film. (paper que fa a la pel.lícula.)

Click here     and    here.
Atenció:Entrega tot això  AVUI i el dimarts que ve entrega la part de les activitats de la pel.lícula que t'entregarà avui la professora i tendràs una nota de feina més. 
Vos record que la manca de feines de forma repetida pot dur a no aprovar l'assignatura!

Any time left, Vocabulary revision. Write the score in the paper (escriu al full el resultat dels exercicis/nombre d'errades:
- Click here. (your/you're)
- Click here (telling the time checking exercise.)

That's all for today.