diumenge, 30 de setembre de 2012

1st eso B, C. 1st week October.

Don't do any of these activities if you didn't finish previous activities.

Today you have to use your notebook and headphones!!!


  • 1 ( possessives). Copy the mistakes in your notebook.
  • 2 ( veb to be)
  • 3 (dictation verb to be. USE YOUR HEADPHONES. Write the dictation in your notebook.)
  • 4 ( possessives quiz)
  • 1 ( family members, memory game)
  • 2 (family and possessives, exercise .) Answer these questions in your notebook:
  • 1. Who is Alice's husband? 
  • 2. Has Alice got a daughter? 
  • 3. What's Alice's mother's name?
  •  4. Have Harry and Marjorie got any grandchildren?
  •  5. Who is Alice's niece?
A Game to finish:  click here.

That's all for today. See you next week.

PQPI 1, Monday 1st October, 2012

If you have finished all the activities you had for last week session, do these ones:

1.A quiz to do.Click here.

  Vocabulary for greetings and introductions:  1,

LISTENINGS: 1)Phone numbers Listening.  Click here.
                           2) Where are you from? Video and exercise. Click here.

Games:  1 ( memory game numbers to 20)
             2 ( memory game family names)

Video of a song. Click here.
Lyrics. Click here.
Have a look and answer these questions about the song:
1) Who is the band? . Find information about it in the Internet and write about the members, where they are from, how old they are...

2)  Who is Barbie's boyfriend?

3) Translate these common expressions in the song used in everyday language in English:
   - Come on:
  - Do you wanna go for a ride?
 - Let's go:
-I'm having so much fun:
- I'm always yours:

4) What can you do to a Barbie girl?

That's all for today, see you next week.

dimarts, 25 de setembre de 2012

4th Diversificació, Friday 28th Sept. 2012

If you have finished the activities you started last week, do these ones:

Verb to be and have got: 1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6 ( dictation. Use your headphones). Write in the notebook the results you get in these grammar exercises.

Possessive adjectives revision: 1,  2. Write the result of the test in the notebook and the mistakes you do.

Common expressions and greetings:  1

Presentations:  1,  2

Professions vocabulary:  1,  2

Games:  1 ( memory),  2 ( multiple choice game on European capitals),  3 (what time basketball game)

A song to finish:  listen to it and be optimistic. Click here.
That's all for today. See you next day.

Write in the notebook the new vocabulary in the exercises.

See you next week. Enjoy the session.

Wed/Thursday 26Th/27th September. 1stB/1stC

If you have finished all the activities you had last week, do these ones in order:

Possessive adjectives.: 1,  2
Genitive 'S:  1 ( Be careful: Don't use the genitive with objects, only with persons as possessors .),    2 ( Copy the rules in your notebook with one example of each rule.)
Personal pronouns:  1,  2
Vocabulary of objects in class:  1,  2(listening exercise). Use your headphones.
Classroom language: 1,  2,  3

Memory game with sound- Use your headphones: click here
That's all for today. See you next week.

diumenge, 23 de setembre de 2012

PQPI 1, Monday 24th September 2012

Hi, my students. First of all please pay attention to the rules you must follow when staying at the computer room. COPY THEM IN YOUR NOTEBOOK.

  • 1) Don't eat or drink in class
  • 2) Take care of the material in class ( computer, mouse, chair, plugs...). Don't hit them.
  • 3) Don't shout or run in class. You must be sitting doing the task.If you don't finish the task in the session, you will continue next day.
  • 4) Don't turn on the computer if you don't have permission to do it.
  • 5) Follow the teacher's instructions.
  • 6) Don't enter not allowed webs or sites. Don't chat or play games on line.
  • 7) Behave properly and respect your classmates and teacher.
  • 8) If you have doubts, ask the teacher.
  • 9) Use the headphones when required.
  • 10) Copy in your notebook what is marked in GREEN.
  • 11) When the teacher tell you your password, if you change it, try to choose one easy to remember for you.
Now, the task for you today. GRAMMAR AND USE OF ENGLISH
1) Click here. ( watch the video, do the task and the the TEST part. Use your headphones. What's the name of the teacher in the video?. Write the answer in your notebook.)
2) Verb to be exercises: click here and do the 4 exercises there.Copy the mistakes in your notebook.

  •   More activities for you to do. Click here (Textbuilder. Read the e-mail, select the option of taking  out 25% of the words and complete the e-mail. Write it in your notebook and translate it into Spanish or Catalan.
   a) Click here. ( study the numbers till 100 and then do two of the activities with numbers)
   b) Click here ( Nationalities)
   c) Click here.  ( hotel words)
   d) Click here ( words related to school)
   e) Click here. (jobs and drinks)

    a) Click here. Follow the instructions of the game. The Magic monkey.
    b) Click here now. Go to school. Game on numbers 1 to 20.
That's all for today. See you next week.

dijous, 20 de setembre de 2012

4t Diversificació, 21st September 2012

Rules: Green marked text is referred to contents you have to do in your notebook. Leave the computer work apart from the class work, all together, please.

Let's start with some grammar revision exercises now to check the verbs to be and have got:
  • 1 ( do the five exercises shown there. Copy in your notebook the mistakes you do)
  • 2 (questions with verb to be)
  • 3 ( short answers verb to be)
  • 4 ( have got/has got). Write the score in your notebook.
  • 5 (have got for questions). 
  • 6 (  write in your notebook the sentences you have had wrong)
  • 7 (personal information questions and answers. Copy five in your notebook)
  • 8 (vocabulary, cardinal and ordinal numbers)
  • 9 (days, months and seasons)
  • 10 ( ordinal numbers crossword)
  • 11 ( colours puzzle)
  • 12 ( numbers crossword)
  • 13 (SONG VIDEO ). Answer these questions about the song in your notebook:
      a) What are the first three notes?
      b) What is DO?
     c) What is FAR?
     d) What is ME?
     e) What is TEA?
     f) Do you like the song? Have you ever seen the film on tv?
    g) Do you like the choreography and the video?

  Click here.  or here. Did they guess your number?

That's all for today. See you next week.

dimarts, 18 de setembre de 2012

2nd Bachiller B, Friday 20th September 2012

Well, this is the beginning of your last year in the high school at least for many of you. I hope you can improve your English during the year. Don't doubt to ask me if you have any problem.

  • The contents of this first session are present in this link. Click here.
Other exercises on future and present tenses:
  1. Click here
  2. Another exercise for you. Click here
  3. Try this one now. Click here
  4. Future mix exercises if you need more practice: click here
Varied and mixed contents now:
  • Stative and dynamic verbs, theory and exercises. Click here.
  • Vocabulary now: click here (love relationships) and here.
Any time left, start with the homework exercises below.

  •  homework for next day.
1. Write three lines on two of these topics.
a) Advantages of travelling around the world.
b) Using internet resources at school.
c) Alcohol, drugs and young people/teenagers.
d)Dangers of an unbalanced diet.
e) Keeping a pet can enrich a child's life in many ways...

2.Write the sentences using the correct form of the verb in brackets:
a) I (live ) ___________ in Sudan when the war ( break out) _______________
b) Come to visit us. We (not do) _____________ anything special this afternoon.
c) This cheese (taste) _____________ awful.
d) I'm tired of (stand) ______________ in the queue.
e) The shop (have) ____________ a sale this week only.
f) Look at those clouds! It (rain) _______________
g) Someone is at the door. - ok, I (go) __________ to see who's there.
h) By the end of this month We (do) __________________ more than six exams.
i)He (not understand) ______________ Russian at all.
j) Where ( you be) _______________ at nine last night?- I (be) ____________ at my cousin's home. We (watch) ________________ a football match on tv.

3. Rewrite these sentences using the words in brackets. Do not change the meaning.

a) I met Bob on my walk to school (as)
b) During the speaker's talk, Diana was taking notes (while)
c) Yesterday evening, at 7 o'clock, I started to study. I didn't stop until midnight. (9 o'clock)
d) Is this your house? (live)
e) I have lived in Palma for ten years now ( 1999)
f) I like to explore the ancient parts of the world. ( I enjoy...)
g) I one took holidays abroad but not any more ( I used...)
h) Booking your hotel in advance is advisable. ( I advise you...)

See you next week. HAve a nice session.

1stB/1stC Eso, 19th and 20th September 2012

Primer recordeu les normes de l'aula d'ordinadors. Heu d'estar a l'ordinador que vos han assignat cada vegada que esteu a l'aula d'informàtica. No heu d'engegar l'ordinador si no teniu permís de la professora. Tracteu bé el material a l'aula d'informàtica, no pegueu cops al teclat o al ratolí ni tampoc a la torre. Heu d'estar asseguts treballant i demanar els dubtes a la professora aixecant la mà. No molesteu als companys. No es pot menjar ni beure a l'aula i no podeu emprar els ordinadors per accedir a webs no permeses o a jocs on-line. Heu de dur els auriculars i els llibres d'anglès a aquesta hora, ja que farem la part de Listening i Oral amb la meitat del grup per poder fer-la bé.
Heu de seure bé i no aixecar-vos durant la sessió. En finalitzar la sessió heu de tancar la sessió però no apagueu l'ordinador. La setmana que ve segurament ja disposareu del vostre nombre d'usuari personal i vos el diré. 
Sempre estarà marcat en VERD el que s'ha d'escriure al quadern.

Vull que empreu un apartat diferent del que fem a classe per a les sessions d'ordinador i al final de l'avaluació entregareu la feina feta juntament amb el quadern de classe.

I ara, aquí teniu el que heu de fer avui In CLASS:
Primerament, cliqueu aquí ( copia al quadern 12 de les paraules de classe en anglès i amb la traducció al català o castellà)

More exercises to do on line:

  1. Click here. (exercise of objects in class)
  2. Click here ( listening game.To do in class or at home)
  3. Click here. (  Write the dialogue in your notebook.The teacher will ask you some of the questions in the dialogue. Complete it with the words above)
  4. Click here. ( complete with the numbers)
  5. Click here.
  6. Click here
  7. Si vos sobra temps, podeu fer això:  click here i aquest joc 
That's all for today. See you next week.