diumenge, 30 de setembre de 2012

PQPI 1, Monday 1st October, 2012

If you have finished all the activities you had for last week session, do these ones:

1.A quiz to do.Click here.

  Vocabulary for greetings and introductions:  1,

LISTENINGS: 1)Phone numbers Listening.  Click here.
                           2) Where are you from? Video and exercise. Click here.

Games:  1 ( memory game numbers to 20)
             2 ( memory game family names)

Video of a song. Click here.
Lyrics. Click here.
Have a look and answer these questions about the song:
1) Who is the band? . Find information about it in the Internet and write about the members, where they are from, how old they are...

2)  Who is Barbie's boyfriend?

3) Translate these common expressions in the song used in everyday language in English:
   - Come on:
  - Do you wanna go for a ride?
 - Let's go:
-I'm having so much fun:
- I'm always yours:

4) What can you do to a Barbie girl?

That's all for today, see you next week.

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