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2nd Bachiller B, Friday 20th September 2012

Well, this is the beginning of your last year in the high school at least for many of you. I hope you can improve your English during the year. Don't doubt to ask me if you have any problem.

  • The contents of this first session are present in this link. Click here.
Other exercises on future and present tenses:
  1. Click here
  2. Another exercise for you. Click here
  3. Try this one now. Click here
  4. Future mix exercises if you need more practice: click here
Varied and mixed contents now:
  • Stative and dynamic verbs, theory and exercises. Click here.
  • Vocabulary now: click here (love relationships) and here.
Any time left, start with the homework exercises below.

  •  homework for next day.
1. Write three lines on two of these topics.
a) Advantages of travelling around the world.
b) Using internet resources at school.
c) Alcohol, drugs and young people/teenagers.
d)Dangers of an unbalanced diet.
e) Keeping a pet can enrich a child's life in many ways...

2.Write the sentences using the correct form of the verb in brackets:
a) I (live ) ___________ in Sudan when the war ( break out) _______________
b) Come to visit us. We (not do) _____________ anything special this afternoon.
c) This cheese (taste) _____________ awful.
d) I'm tired of (stand) ______________ in the queue.
e) The shop (have) ____________ a sale this week only.
f) Look at those clouds! It (rain) _______________
g) Someone is at the door. - ok, I (go) __________ to see who's there.
h) By the end of this month We (do) __________________ more than six exams.
i)He (not understand) ______________ Russian at all.
j) Where ( you be) _______________ at nine last night?- I (be) ____________ at my cousin's home. We (watch) ________________ a football match on tv.

3. Rewrite these sentences using the words in brackets. Do not change the meaning.

a) I met Bob on my walk to school (as)
b) During the speaker's talk, Diana was taking notes (while)
c) Yesterday evening, at 7 o'clock, I started to study. I didn't stop until midnight. (9 o'clock)
d) Is this your house? (live)
e) I have lived in Palma for ten years now ( 1999)
f) I like to explore the ancient parts of the world. ( I enjoy...)
g) I one took holidays abroad but not any more ( I used...)
h) Booking your hotel in advance is advisable. ( I advise you...)

See you next week. HAve a nice session.

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