dijous, 20 de setembre de 2012

4t Diversificació, 21st September 2012

Rules: Green marked text is referred to contents you have to do in your notebook. Leave the computer work apart from the class work, all together, please.

Let's start with some grammar revision exercises now to check the verbs to be and have got:
  • 1 ( do the five exercises shown there. Copy in your notebook the mistakes you do)
  • 2 (questions with verb to be)
  • 3 ( short answers verb to be)
  • 4 ( have got/has got). Write the score in your notebook.
  • 5 (have got for questions). 
  • 6 (  write in your notebook the sentences you have had wrong)
  • 7 (personal information questions and answers. Copy five in your notebook)
  • 8 (vocabulary, cardinal and ordinal numbers)
  • 9 (days, months and seasons)
  • 10 ( ordinal numbers crossword)
  • 11 ( colours puzzle)
  • 12 ( numbers crossword)
  • 13 (SONG VIDEO ). Answer these questions about the song in your notebook:
      a) What are the first three notes?
      b) What is DO?
     c) What is FAR?
     d) What is ME?
     e) What is TEA?
     f) Do you like the song? Have you ever seen the film on tv?
    g) Do you like the choreography and the video?

  Click here.  or here. Did they guess your number?

That's all for today. See you next week.

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