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PQPI 1, Monday 24th September 2012

Hi, my students. First of all please pay attention to the rules you must follow when staying at the computer room. COPY THEM IN YOUR NOTEBOOK.

  • 1) Don't eat or drink in class
  • 2) Take care of the material in class ( computer, mouse, chair, plugs...). Don't hit them.
  • 3) Don't shout or run in class. You must be sitting doing the task.If you don't finish the task in the session, you will continue next day.
  • 4) Don't turn on the computer if you don't have permission to do it.
  • 5) Follow the teacher's instructions.
  • 6) Don't enter not allowed webs or sites. Don't chat or play games on line.
  • 7) Behave properly and respect your classmates and teacher.
  • 8) If you have doubts, ask the teacher.
  • 9) Use the headphones when required.
  • 10) Copy in your notebook what is marked in GREEN.
  • 11) When the teacher tell you your password, if you change it, try to choose one easy to remember for you.
Now, the task for you today. GRAMMAR AND USE OF ENGLISH
1) Click here. ( watch the video, do the task and the the TEST part. Use your headphones. What's the name of the teacher in the video?. Write the answer in your notebook.)
2) Verb to be exercises: click here and do the 4 exercises there.Copy the mistakes in your notebook.

  •   More activities for you to do. Click here (Textbuilder. Read the e-mail, select the option of taking  out 25% of the words and complete the e-mail. Write it in your notebook and translate it into Spanish or Catalan.
   a) Click here. ( study the numbers till 100 and then do two of the activities with numbers)
   b) Click here ( Nationalities)
   c) Click here.  ( hotel words)
   d) Click here ( words related to school)
   e) Click here. (jobs and drinks)

    a) Click here. Follow the instructions of the game. The Magic monkey.
    b) Click here now. Go to school. Game on numbers 1 to 20.
That's all for today. See you next week.

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