divendres, 28 d’octubre de 2011

2nd E 2nd Nov. 2011

First, finish the activities you didn't do last week. Click here.
Let's check some contents now 1 (object and subject pronouns),    2 (adverbs of frequency quiz),   3 (checking possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives).

Vocabulary 1 (musical instruments memory),  2 (musical instruments vocabulary. Add six new words in your notebook)

Listenings: LISTENING 1 (test trouble)
Activity on the listening.  A What's his problem? 
                                          B. Who's his teacher?
                                          C.Mention 5 ways to pass the test. In the listening they mention more than 10 ways.
                                          D.Which things does he mention as an alternative to the test?
        LISTENING 2

 EUROPEAN SECTIONS: Video: TOOLS . Have a look at the video and write the names of the tools in your notebook.
Click here.

Some Halloween activities now if you have finished everything: click here.

That's all. See you next week.

diumenge, 16 d’octubre de 2011

2nd F Monday 17th October 2011

Today, you'll practise again contents for your exam. Follow the instructions given.
Click here. ( do all the activities here except the vocabulary activities). Write a comment of each exercise in your notebook ( result, mistakes, a sentence...)

Vocabulary now: 
-write in your notebook the new words you learn in these exercises.
  • click here (parts of the body).
  • Click here (family vocabulary).
  • click here (classroom rules), another one about rules
  • click here (Dawn's family. LISTEN and write these questions answer them in your notebook.
            a) How many brothers and sisters has Dawn got?
            b) How old is her brother/sister?
            c) What's his/her name?
           d) What is her father like? Describe him.
           e) What is her mother like?

  • Song. Listen and fill in the gaps. Click here. (Just the way you are)
That's all for today. See you next week.


dimarts, 11 d’octubre de 2011

2nd Bachiller A/C Monday 17th October 2011

Let's check for the exam today. Ask all your doubts.

  • click here (time clauses.Easy and basic)
  • click here (word order )
  • click here (verbal tenses)
  • click here (verbal tenses again)
  • click here ( a multiple choice exercise now)
  • Click here (mixed tenses)
  • click here (mixed tenses including future)
  • click here (so and such. Try to
    rewrite some of the sentences with SO to sentences with SUCH and some sentences with SUCH to sentences with SO).

  •    Click here (personality adjectives)
  •    Click here (more personality adjectives)
  •    click here   (personality adjectives again. Do the exercise writing the solutions in your notebook before checking the answers)
  • click here (confusing words)
Other contents:
  •   click here (typical vocabulary mistakes in sentences. Can you find them?
  •   click here (word order )
  •   click here. (extra word mistakes. Find the extra word in each sentence)
  • click here ( a game to finish. Mobile madness. Can you find the hidden messages?)

 That's all for today. See you next day. Study and practise for the exam.

dissabte, 8 d’octubre de 2011

2nd Bachiller C/2nd Bachiller A. Monday 10th Oct. 2011

2nd Bachiller C. First, do these activities. Click here.

 If you finish all the activities, continue with these ones.

2nd Bachiller A. If you didn't finish last week activities click on the first link of 2nd bachiller C. If you finished everything, start with the next exercises:
  1. Click here. (a text with many different verbal tenses and two exercises to do. It is quite useful for you to be aware of the uses of the different verbal tenses in context).
  2. Click here. (tenses chart, visual explanation. Have a look at the examples and uses)
  3. Click here. ( so vs such. Uses and a quiz to do)
  4. Click here. (time clauses exercise. How many mistakes did you have?)
  5. Click here. Verbal tenses test. Try it.

Reading comprehension

  • Click here ( a text with some descriptive passages. Answer the questions.)
  • Click here ( a curious reading comprehension text now)
  • Click here (synonyms test)
  • Click here. ( a homophones test)
  • Click here (a list of different adjectives in categories for you to have. try to use varied adjectives in your writings, please)
  • Click here ( this text has been written without paragraphs. Identify the different paragraphs)
That's all for today. See you.

dijous, 6 d’octubre de 2011

2nd F Mon 10th Oct 2011

After the listening and speaking practise some vocabulary of prepositions, objects at home and rooms. Click here ( do the pre-writing exercises. In the exercise of vocabulary of the house write the sentences in your notebbok in present simple, eg. I cook meals in the kitchen...)
Activity 2: (do the exercise on line). Present simple sentences.