dimecres, 26 de maig de 2010

4th eso B , Monday 31st May 2010

Today, first finish the activities you didn't do two weeks ago( click here) and last week ( click here).

When you finish this, do the following activities to practise contents of unit 8: first, have a look at the explanation and the activities in this web . Next, do these exercises on-line: 1 ( active to passive, change only the ones which are in present, will, present perfect and past simple), 2 ( do exercises of unit 8 extension/extra help. level 4th eso.)

  • Revision exercises now. Can you do this exercise without having any mistakes? Try it. Click here
  • Another one on time expressions. Click here.
  • This one is about tenses.
  • Check comparatives and superlatives now

That's all for today. See you next week.

2nd F/G Thursday 27th and Friday 28th May 2010

Today we'll continue with the oral exams, so pay attention to the teacher if she calls you and do your best.

We are going to practise for the exam. Do this activity in your notebook:
  • Write the correct verbal tense in these sentences : present simple or continuous, past simple or continuous.

a) ( he like) ___ football?- Yes, he does

b) Mozart (be) ____ a famous musician who (live) ________ in Viena.

c) What were you doing yesterday at eight? - I (swim) ____ in my swimming pool

d) Look! That man (hit) _______ the other man there.

e) She usually (carry) ____ a heavy schoolbag at school but today she (not carry) ___ her schoolbag because she (have not) _____ got any lessons.

f) They ( not travel) ________ to London last summer, they (travel) _____ to Paris.

g) (you be) ________ at home yesterday night?- Yes, of course.

h) We (sometimes be) ___________ tired in the evenings.

i ) (she have got) _____________ blue eyes? - Yes, she has.

Now, continue with these activities on line: 1 ( short answers), 2 ( present simple or continuous), 3 ( past simple), 4 ( past continuous), 5 ( past simple crossword), 6 ( comparatives and superlatives), 7 ( countable or uncountable nouns), 8 ( how much/many), 9 ( object pronouns), 10 ( should/shouldn't)

Next, try to do this exercise and you'll help third World countries. Click here and follow the instructions. Do your best.

Remember if you haven't done the description of a natural place of Mallorca or of Spain, do it now. You can search information in the web.

That's all for today. Have a nice session and see you next week.

diumenge, 23 de maig de 2010

1st C eso, Wednesday 26th May 2010

Avui seguim amb els examens orals, però mentres, els altres, aneu fent aquests exercicis:

Revision exercises: 1 ( short answers. Fes-lo al quadern perquè vos fallen les respostes de preguntes) , 2 ( on-line quiz on short answers), 3 ( llegeix les explicacions i exemples i fes l'activitat de la part de baix de la pàgina), 4 ( fes 5 de les frases al quadern tal com mostra l'exemple), 5 ( practica el vocabulari del temps i el present continu de nou), 6 ( past simple verb to be), 7 ( there is / there are/ there was/there were).

Vocabulary: 1 ( animals game), 2 ( some/any), 3 ( wordsearch the city), 4 ( vocabulary games with pictures).

Si et sobra temps, ves a aquesta web i fes el BIG CHALLENGE ( el gran repte). Tria el nivell de 1r d'eso i sort!
Fins el pròxim dia.

4th B, Monday 24th May 2010

Hi, students. Today we are going to check some general contents for the exam and next we'll practise with passive voice and introduce the relative pronouns.

  • First, do this exercise in your notebook to take it as a model for the exam. Correct the mistakes in these sentences:

a) She has come two hours ago.

b) They have eaten already.

c) This box is biger than that one.

d) I were fourteen years old when I had my first boyfriend.

e) I'm not going do my homework tomorrow because I'm going to the beach.

f) How old will be you in the year 2020?

g) She never listen to the teacher.

h) Have your mother ever been there?

i) If I were you, I told the problem to your mother.

j) I don't be able to come with you if I don't pass this exam.

k) What did you have breakfast yesterday morning?

l) She travelled last year with her family to Italy.

m) I can't speak English, because I won´t understand this English song.

  • It's time to practise PASSIVE VOICE; you have to finish the passive activities you had in the blog session last week. Click here. If you finished the activities last week do these ones: 1 (present perfect passive), 2(future passive), 3 (mixed tenses), 4 (active or passive?), 5 ( mixed tenses).

  • It's time to do a reading comprehension on a text with passive tenses.Click here.Complete this information about three of the inventions in the reading. Do it in your notebook:

a) Inventor(name, nationality):

b) Year this object was invented:

c) What it is used for:

d) What it is made of:

e) a curious fact about this object:

Now, find in internet information about any object you are interested in or curious about and complete the information items about this object too. You can use this web if you want. Another curious web if you want to have a look is this one.

Today, you have learnt new things, don't you? See you tomorrow. Have a nice session.

dimarts, 18 de maig de 2010

2nd F /2nd G. Thurs. 20th and Friday 21st May 2010

Today, you must pay attention to the oral exam and do your best. We are going to check translation because in the last exam there will be an exercise about translating sentences.

Write in your notebook these sentences and translate them . D0n't use the google translator if you don't want the result to be terrible.

a) Ma mare estava treballant ahir dematí a les onze.
b) Cóm véns a l'institut? - Jo vénc en autobus.
c) Hi ha una vall devora del nostre poble.
d) A casa hi ha una entrada, dos banys, quatre dormitoris, una cuina, una sala, un menjador, un petit jardí i una terrassa gran.
e) Vares anar al cinema el dissabte passat?- No, no hi vaig anar. Vaig estar a casa tot el dia.
f) Qué estaves fent ahir quan et vaig telefonar?- M'estava dutxant.
g) Are there any seas, oceans and rivers in South America?- Yes, there are.
h) The eagle was flying over the sky. I took a photo.
i) How often do you brush your teeth? - Twice a day.
j) What was he wearing at the party?- He was wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans and black trainers.
k) ' The Simpsons' are funnier that ' Chin Chan'. In my opinion they are the best cartoon programme on tv.

Now, go to this web ( Select 2nd eso---unit 7---extension/extra help and do the activities there)

Remember you can do the comic of Gardfield if you want.

Have a nice session. See you next week.

Wednesday, 19th May 2010. 1st C eso.

Avui començarem amb els examens orals, així que esteu atents per quan vos toqui i mentres feu aquestes tasques sense molestar ni fer massa renou.

  • Primer, intenta traduir al quadernet aquestes frases. Vos podeu ajudar entre vosaltres:

a) Avui està ploent. Ahir feia sol. ( verb fer en aquesta frase: was)

b) La meva assignatura preferida és la educació física.

c) La primera classe d'avui era la de matemàtiques.

d) Jo normalment m'aixec a les set i quart.

e) D'on ets tu? - Jo sóc de França.

f) We have got ten teachers this year.

g) My school last year was Blanquerna Primary School.

h) What are you doing now?- I'm listening to music.

i) There are some carrots and there is some cheese on the kitchen table.

j) Are there any libraries in the city? - Yes, there are two.


Primer, traduiu aquestes frases al vostre quadernet:

a) Ell és un nin alt.

b) A mi m'agraden ( m'agraden= I like) les matemàtiques i la història.

c) A l'escola tenim deu professors aquest any. ( aquest any = this year)

d) Hi ha algunes galletes sobre la taula.

e) Avui fa sol.

f) Yesterday it was cloudy and cold.

g) Is there an apple in the fridge?- Yes, there is. ( Fridge= gelera)

H) We were at school yesterday morning. (yesterday= ahir)

i) My birthday is the first of January. ( Birthday = aniversari)

Ara, aquí tens les activitats a fer. Copia una frase o paraula apresa de cada exercici al quadernet.

  • 1, 2, 3 ( verb to be in past)
  • 1 ( memory game school subjects)
  • 1, 2, 3 ( food vocabulary)
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 ( there is/there are)

Això és tot per avui. Fins la setmana que ve.

diumenge, 16 de maig de 2010

4th B eso, Monday 17th May 2010

Today I will give you work for the first 30 minutes and then you can finish your web projects ( reading book)

  • First, we'll start practising TRANSLATION for the exam. Try with these sentences. Write them in your notebook as you keep them as an example for the next exam:

a) Ella estava preparant el sopar quan jo vaig arribar a casa.

b) Jo mai he viatjat a Sudamèrica. Si tengués molts diners, hi aniria.

c) Aniràs a la festa d'en Toni el dissabte que ve?

d) La meva germana no és tan treballadora com jo; ella és més vaga que jo.

e) Em vaig casar fa dos anys .

f) Si em deixes diners, te'ls tornaré la setmana que ve.

g) She's such a honest person that she can't lie.

h) When did you last go to the cinema?

i) Famine is a serious problem in many Third World countries.

j) I think Mallorca will have a lot of pollution in the next future.

  • Next, we'll continue with PASSIVE VOICE. If you didn't do the exercises on the passive last week, do them now. Write some examples on the explanation. If you did them, do these activities: 1 ( copy one example of passive in present, past, present perfect, future),

2 (present), 3 (past), 4 ( various tenses)

  • Now, is time for you to do your internet project (reading book) or ask me for some doubs about it. You have to click here...

  • If you have finished everything, you can choose one of these activities: 1 ( The big Challenge) or this one ( create your own comic about Gardfield. This is a very motivating activity).

That's all for today. See you next week. Remember to finish your reading book activities this week.

dilluns, 10 de maig de 2010

2nd F/2nd G Thursday 13th/Friday 14th May 2010

Today, we'll check some contents and then, we'll introduce new contents of unit 7. Marisol's group ( 2nd G) can finish the mini project of the parts of the house first of all. Next, they can do these activities.

To start with, we'll check some contents of previous units
  • Exercises: 1 ( present simple or continuous), 2 ( be or have got), 3 ( question words),

4 (subject/object pronouns), 5 (present continuous), 6 (comparatives and superlatives),

7 (irreg. verbs), 8 (past simple negative), 9 (questions in past simple), 10 (prep. of movement),

11 (past continuous), 12 (past simple affirmative)

  • Vocabulary: 1 (parts of the body), 2 (sports), 3 (instruments), 4 (musicians), 5 (clothes),

6 (adjectives), 7 (tv programmes), 8 (jobs), 9 (transport), 10 (objects), 11 (parts of the home), 12 (opposites).

Unit seven: 1(countable/uncountable nouns), 2 (a,an,some,any), 3 (how much/how many),

4 (much/many)

Games: Try the BIG CHALLENGE. Click here,

Now, if you want, try to do this activity (create your own comic). This is an optional activity and you can finish it next week if you want. I think it is an original activity and very motivating.

That's all for today. See you next week. There will be the oral exam next week.

diumenge, 9 de maig de 2010

1st C, Wednesday 12th May 2010

L'examen ha fet que apareguin coses que veig que no teniu clares, així que avui toca repassar.

  • Present simple: 1, 2, 3 ( copia 5 de les frases al quadernet).

  • Present continu: a l'examen vos ha fallat molt. 1, 2, 3 ( copia 5 frases del quiz al quadernet).

Ara ves a la web que et don i ves repassant els continguts que hi apareixen i que hem vist a classe. Clica aquí. Vull que practiquis gramàtica i també vocabulari i que escriguis al quadernet el resultat de cada exercici i les paraules noves que aprens, a més de qualsevol anotació que consideris oportuna. Si veig algú que no aprofita el temps, el posaré a copiar del llibre a la taula del mig de l'aula d'informàtica i es quedarà una setmana sense ordinadors. Penseu que els resultats dels examens indiquen que no vos heu esforçat gaire i queden només cinc setmanes de classe, així que aprofiteu-les bé.

Split lesson 4th Eso B, 10th May 2010

We are in the last weeks of this course. Today, we'll check contents of the first seven units and we'll also introduce contents of unit 8. Write any new words you learn in your notebook.

Revision exercises: 1( especial verbs present and past tenses), 2 ( present and past tenses),
3 ( present simple and future simple), 4 ( past simple or continuous?), 5 ( will/ going to), 6 ( will/ going to), 7 ( 2nd conditional), 8 ( first conditional/ when sentences), 9 ( 1st conditional sentences), 10 ( comparatives and superlatives), 11 ( not as....as), 12 ( read the explanation and examples, copy some examples in your notebook and do the exercise given), 13 ( quiz on comparatives), 14 ( do some exercises on future and look at the videos), 15 (present perfect).
Vocabulary and activities: 1 (jobs), 2 (health), 3 (environment hangman), 4 ( the big challenge quiz), 5 (irregular verbs crossword), 6 ( past participles crossword), 7 ( clothes complements),
8 (places in town), 9 (places in nature), 10 (environment).

The passive voice: 1 ( slideshare presentation: copy the explanation , form and some examples in your notebook about the passive voice and how to change from active to passive), 2 (present and past passive), 3 ( present simple passive).

I think it's enough for today. See you next week.

dimecres, 5 de maig de 2010

Thursday 5th/ Friday 6th May.2nd F/2nd G

We are going to check the contents up to unit six, for you to reinforce the contents. Next week you'll do the oral exam, so pay attention.

Past continuous: 1 ( presentació en slideshare, have a look), 2, 3, 4

Revision exercises: 1 ( write 10 of the translated sentences in your notebook), 2 ( time expressions), 3 ( present simple or continuous), 4 ( irreg. verbs crossword), 5 ( irreg. verbs meanings), 6( past simple negative), 7 ( comparatives), 8 ( superlatives), 9 ( have got), 10( multiple choice test), 11 ( question words)

Games and activities: 1 ( opposites), 2 ( opposites), 3 ( transport vocab.), 4 ( places to work), 5 ( furniture), 6 ( appearance adj,), 7 ( game), 8 ( clothes wordsearch).
Enjoy the session. See you next week.

dimarts, 4 de maig de 2010

1rc Wednesday 5th May 2010

Només per aquells que heu acabat totes les tasques de la setmana passada i de la pel.lícula aquí teniu les activitats:

There is/ are: 1, 2 ( copy the rules table in your notebook), 3, 4 ( copy two examples of each affirmative, negative and interrogative)
Some/any: 1, 2, 3, 4

Reading text: 1, 2

Revision activities: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Activities on vocabulary: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

That's all for today. See you next week.