dimecres, 27 de maig de 2009

1st eso B. Friday 29th May 09/ 1st eso D, Tuesday 2nd June

We'll continue checking for the exam. We'll check present simple with question words
we'll continue with there is/there are,
and another one on some/any.
It's time to check present continuous .
Now,we'll check some vocabulary of times
and another one(food). Now, we'll check ordinal numbers, and
vocabulary of the family
Now, go to this web:www.yappr.com and have a look at some of the videos there. Choose a topic(music, celebrities, sports, news...). Use your headphones.
Any time left, choose one of these games.
Or these games.
Have a nice session.

4tE. 1st June 09

Today we start June, so the course is finishing and it's time to check some contents that are present in the last exam. First, we'll start with the present tenses .
and with past simple and continuous together.(do exercise 5 and 8)
Now we'll move to present perfect,
and the present perfect with for/since
and present perfect with already , yet and just(put in the right order)
and the use of past simple or present perfect.
Now, we'll introduce the passive .
It's time to remember vocabulary referred to appearance(read the vocabulary and do the practice exercise on it)
We will also check comparatives .
To finish, you can do this puzzle
and this activity(opposites).

Enjoy the session.

dimarts, 26 de maig de 2009

!st Batxiller D, Friday 29th May 09

Today, we'll start with revision exercises to check contents seen in previous units. We'll start with conditional sentences because many of you have problems with them.What about the third type?Now, we'll mix the three types of conditionals. If you want to practise more continue with this web , if not, we'll continue with passive sentences and the change from active to passive. Yet another one on passive sentences with personal objects. If you need more practise continue with the exercises of the web(www.ego4u.com).
If not, we'll continue with verbal tenses(practice test). Check your results and try this exercise.
To continue, we'll check some time expressions and this other one on linking words of cause and consequence and more linking expressions. You can check the different types and meaning of linkers here( copy in your notebook the ones you think can be useful for you in your compositions ).
To finish, we'll check some vocabulary with a game and this other one. Enjoy the session.

dijous, 21 de maig de 2009

1st Eso B, Friday 22nd May 09

Tday, we'll check some vocabulary and grammar seen in class.
First, we'll check vocabulary of things in the house and other objects.
Now, we'll check the verb there is in past.
And we'll remember present simple.
Now, use this web to check present simple in affirmative and with wh-questions and to do some listening exercises.
Any time left, do this game.
Enjoy the session.

dimecres, 20 de maig de 2009

split lesson 3rdC, Thursday 21st May 09

Today, we'll start with some exercises on the new unit and then will check contents of previous units to prepare the last exam. First, we'll start with `will´ and `will/won't.
We'll continue with the present perfect with for/since, and another one about it.
It's time to check time conjuctions . Was it ok?
Next, we'll check the present perfect and past simple( read the explanation and do the exercise),
still another exercise on these two tenses.
It's time to check some vocabulary(crossword),
and with this exercise(memory game on verbs ).
To finish you can do this reading. Answer these questions in a sheet of paper and give them to the teacher to be corrected:
1. Which film did Tom Cruise appear in 2007?
2. Name 5 directors he has worked with.
3. How many Golden Globes has he earned?
4. How long has he been an actor?
5. Write the names of 5 of the films he has taken part in.
6. Apart from being an actor, he has worked as a(n).................................
Have a nice session!

diumenge, 17 de maig de 2009

4th eso E, Monday 18th May, 09

Today, we'll check the contents of the units 6 and 7 again, to be ready for the exam .
First, you can start with this exercise on the first conditional, follow wit h the second conditional, and now this one a bit more difficult.
Now, you can try with this one with `should´, and this one .
It's time to work with vocabulary. You can do this exercise(read this text) and do this activity on the text( do the matching exercise in your notebook) and now try to remember this vocabulary on money( copy in your notebook the words you don't remember well).
To finish, you can do some exercises of unit 7 un the links folder .
Have a nice session. Ask the teacher if you have any doubts.

dijous, 14 de maig de 2009

1st B eso. Friday 15th May/ 1stD 19th May

Today, you´ll work with the contents of unit 7. First of all, some grammar of the past form of the verb to be,
and the past simple of there is/are
We'll do another one on was/were
What about questions?
Now we'll move on to vocabulary of ordinal numbers and the cardinal numbers.
Next, you can do this puzzle about hobbies. And this crossword of numbers.

To finish, have a look at two trailers of two films and complete the following information about them. The teacher will give you a sheet of paper for the activity. This activity will be marked.

- The first trailer was .............................. (adjective;eg. fantastic, very good, good, boring, terrible, entertaining, funny...)
- The film was ....................................... ( nationality). The title of the film was..............................
- In the trailer there was/ there were ...............................................................................................
- The stars of the film (actors/actresses) were ...............................................................................

dimecres, 13 de maig de 2009

Split lesson 1st BatxD, Friday 15th May

Today is the last lesson before the exam, so we'll continue checking the grammar required to be successful in the exam.
First of all, we'll start with statements, we'll continue with reported speech in questions, and reporting orders. Next one will be a little more difficult.
You can now pay attention to this vocabulary exercise on crimes. Did you guess any word?
Now, read this article about something that interests you and answer these questions:
a)What is an assault? Give two examples.
b) When can you use self-defence?
c) Can parents use force to discipline their children? What can happen to them if they use it?
d) Name two things a teacher can't do to a student. Do you agree with it?
e) What must you do if you are assaulted by another student at school?
Copy the questions and answers in a sheet of paper and give it to the teacher at the end of the class.
To finish, do this exercise to check verbal tenses.
Enjoy the session . See you in the exam next Monday.

4th D, 14th May 09

Today, you'll check contents of unit 7 and unit 8.
First, we'll start with conditionals, and continue with another one.
Now, we'll move on to passive sentences. Now you can enter the web page of ies ramon llull, select the english department, the level of 4th Eso, and do the exercises of unit 8.
To finish , you can play a game in the links folder, selecting the textbook of 4th Eso, section of vocabulary.

dimecres, 6 de maig de 2009

4th EsoE, Monday 11th May 09

We'll work on the contents of units 6 and 7 to check your understanding. We'll start with the first conditional,
we'll continue with another exercise on the first conditional,
and we'll go to the second conditional.
Another exercise on the second type of conditionals,
and this one on the first and second type together.
Now, you can work with vocabulary ( links folder, unit 7, spotlight 4).
Enjoy the session.

1stbatxillerD, Friday 8th May 2009

Today, we'll basically work on reported speech with different exercises. Start with this one,
follow with this one changing time and place adverbs,
continue with another exercise(questions),
and this one on orders and prohibitions.
Now, you´ll work with a text. ( click on the title of the story and read chapter 6)
You can also do these ones: statements.
Follow with this one on questions
Now, go to yappr.com to have a look at different videos, choose one ( on the right there are the words in English and sometimes the translation into Spanish) and change from direct to indirect speech. Copy it in your notebook.
Choose any sections you are interested in: news, comedy , sports, celebrities...
If you want to check more exercises on reported speech at home copy these websites:
www.english-hilfen.de, www.saberingles.com,www.english.baladre.org.You can also go to the page of your student's book: www.oxfordbachillerato.es. Write the student's username and the password( ask your teacher ). There you'll find different exercises.
Have a nice session.

3rdC, 7th May 2009

Today, we´ll check for the exam. We'll start with grammar exercises based on present perfect like this one to test you,
or this one(questions).
Try also this one to order the sentences,
and do this exercise on `for´and `since´
And now we'll work on vocabulary about types of films
Try to do this game now(puzzle)
Now, if you have taken headphones, listen to this song and do the exercises
The time left, go to the links folder and work on the exercises of Spotlight3, units 6 and 7, according to your needs.
Have a nice session.