dimecres, 20 de maig de 2009

split lesson 3rdC, Thursday 21st May 09

Today, we'll start with some exercises on the new unit and then will check contents of previous units to prepare the last exam. First, we'll start with `will´ and `will/won't.
We'll continue with the present perfect with for/since, and another one about it.
It's time to check time conjuctions . Was it ok?
Next, we'll check the present perfect and past simple( read the explanation and do the exercise),
still another exercise on these two tenses.
It's time to check some vocabulary(crossword),
and with this exercise(memory game on verbs ).
To finish you can do this reading. Answer these questions in a sheet of paper and give them to the teacher to be corrected:
1. Which film did Tom Cruise appear in 2007?
2. Name 5 directors he has worked with.
3. How many Golden Globes has he earned?
4. How long has he been an actor?
5. Write the names of 5 of the films he has taken part in.
6. Apart from being an actor, he has worked as a(n).................................
Have a nice session!

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