dimarts, 26 de maig de 2009

!st Batxiller D, Friday 29th May 09

Today, we'll start with revision exercises to check contents seen in previous units. We'll start with conditional sentences because many of you have problems with them.What about the third type?Now, we'll mix the three types of conditionals. If you want to practise more continue with this web , if not, we'll continue with passive sentences and the change from active to passive. Yet another one on passive sentences with personal objects. If you need more practise continue with the exercises of the web(www.ego4u.com).
If not, we'll continue with verbal tenses(practice test). Check your results and try this exercise.
To continue, we'll check some time expressions and this other one on linking words of cause and consequence and more linking expressions. You can check the different types and meaning of linkers here( copy in your notebook the ones you think can be useful for you in your compositions ).
To finish, we'll check some vocabulary with a game and this other one. Enjoy the session.

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