dimecres, 13 de maig de 2009

Split lesson 1st BatxD, Friday 15th May

Today is the last lesson before the exam, so we'll continue checking the grammar required to be successful in the exam.
First of all, we'll start with statements, we'll continue with reported speech in questions, and reporting orders. Next one will be a little more difficult.
You can now pay attention to this vocabulary exercise on crimes. Did you guess any word?
Now, read this article about something that interests you and answer these questions:
a)What is an assault? Give two examples.
b) When can you use self-defence?
c) Can parents use force to discipline their children? What can happen to them if they use it?
d) Name two things a teacher can't do to a student. Do you agree with it?
e) What must you do if you are assaulted by another student at school?
Copy the questions and answers in a sheet of paper and give it to the teacher at the end of the class.
To finish, do this exercise to check verbal tenses.
Enjoy the session . See you in the exam next Monday.

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