dimecres, 6 de maig de 2009

1stbatxillerD, Friday 8th May 2009

Today, we'll basically work on reported speech with different exercises. Start with this one,
follow with this one changing time and place adverbs,
continue with another exercise(questions),
and this one on orders and prohibitions.
Now, you´ll work with a text. ( click on the title of the story and read chapter 6)
You can also do these ones: statements.
Follow with this one on questions
Now, go to yappr.com to have a look at different videos, choose one ( on the right there are the words in English and sometimes the translation into Spanish) and change from direct to indirect speech. Copy it in your notebook.
Choose any sections you are interested in: news, comedy , sports, celebrities...
If you want to check more exercises on reported speech at home copy these websites:
www.english-hilfen.de, www.saberingles.com,www.english.baladre.org.You can also go to the page of your student's book: www.oxfordbachillerato.es. Write the student's username and the password( ask your teacher ). There you'll find different exercises.
Have a nice session.

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