dijous, 27 de març de 2014

4th Diversificació, Friday 28th March 2014

Let's start with the new contents today.:
But first, let's check reading comprehension.Copy the questions and answers- comprehension-  in a paper that the teacher will give to you. Write your name too. The teacher will collect the papers with the activity done to be marked.

  • Click here. (complete the text selecting the right word and then answer these questions about the text in your notebook.Copy the questions and the answers.USE LONG ANSWERS .)

  1. Where does Julita live?
  2. What's her husband's name? What does he do?
  3. What is she studying now? What does she want to do when she finishes the course?
  4. What nationality is she?
  5. How many children have they got?
  6. How old is her little daughter?
  7. Do they live in a flat or in a house?
  8. Have they got any pet animals? Which ones?
  9. Where did they get their dog from?
  10. When did they come to the UK?

  • Click here (listening activity)
  • Click here. Write the new weather words and the mistakes in your notebook.

  • Click here . Copy the uses  of WILL and one example of each use in the notebook.
  • Click here      and     here   for practice. In the horoscope predictions, copy in your notebook your horoscope prediction and translate it into Spanish or Catalan.

Click here (sports matching game)
Click here (memory on outdoor activities)
Click here (weather maze listening game)


Do these activities. Escriu al quadern les paraules noves:
  • Click here (weather vocabulary)
  • Click here (months and seasons)
  • Click here (weather and seasons)
  • Click here (fes els darrers quatre exercicis al full que et donarà la professora i després li entregues. Tendrà nota)
Si vos sobra temps podeu fer els GAMES que he posat al vostre grup.

Have a nice weekend.

dissabte, 22 de març de 2014

2nd Bachiller B, Tuesday 25th March 2014

Let's practise different contents now. 
I hope the session will be useful for you. Don't doubt to ask if you have doubts.

  • verbs followed by infinitive or gerund. Click here (list of verbs)
  • Theory. Read it and take notes if necessary. click here (explanation verbs + gerund or infinitive with change in meaning)
  • Exercise. Click here 
  • Exercise. Click here
  • Theory and Exercise (verbs try, stop, remember, forget). Click here.
  • a test now.Click here
  • verbs + preposition- click here  and   here
  • explanation and examples relative clauses. Click here (do also the quiz)   and here
  • relative clauses. Click here,       here     And here

  • Click here (Rewriting conditional sentences)   
  • Click here . Text. Do these activities on the text. A. True or false. Give evidence. 
  •           a) The rolling Stones wanted to use blues in popular music.
  •           b) They were four members but then a fifth member joined them.
  • Find the synonyms for these words in the different paragraphs: Find synonyms for these words: 1. main, principal ( 2nd paragraph ), 2. selection ( 4th paragraph ).  3. substituted ( 4th paragraph).  4. publication ( 5th paragraph)  5. obtained (6th paragraph)  6. Quickly (6th paragraph).

dimarts, 18 de març de 2014

Fonix students material

Different exercises for you to practise:

  • Click here (sports names)
  • Click here (sports equipment vocabulary)
  • Click here (more sports vocabulary)
  • Click here (useful verbs for sports)
  • Click here (do, play or go + sports/activities)
  • Click here (reading comprehension on soccer)
  • Click here (another reading comprehension)
  • Click here ( a vocabulary exercise, now. Guess the words for these definitions)
  • Expressions to use when giving opinions. Click here  
  • A crossword. Do you understand the verbs and definitions? Click here

dissabte, 15 de març de 2014

2nd eso- extra work for those who have finished everything- 18th and 21st March 2014

Those who have finished everything can do these activities, many of them are just for fun and to relax after so many exams:
  • Click here (unit on Weather)
  • Click here (choose the contents you want to check)
  • Click here (a reading comprehension on-line)
  • Click here (prepositions game)
  • Click here (a short story. Verbs + prepositions)
A funny video short story now. Click here.
TRY THE BIG CHALLENGE NOW. Click here. Information about pen-pals. Click here (big challenge club)
  • A game, now. Click here (action verbs game)
  • Another  game now. Click here (sports-memory games)

Have a nice day.

MV Friday 21st-28TH March 2014

Let's start with some vocabulary related to food and drinks:

  • Click here (game)
  • Click also here. Look at the vocabulary. Next, continue clicking on exercises on food at the bottom of the page.
  • Click here. Do this unit (exercises). Do this exercises in your notebook: restaurant phrases+order the dialogue, meaning of WOULD LIKE and two examples,find the mistake exercise,listening exercise, order the word exercise.

  • A reading  now. Click here. Read the text , copy the questions and answers about the reading in your notebook.

  • A GAME to finish. Click here (memory game)
That's all for today. See you next week.

  • photos and names of food in categories. Click here

SENTENCES TO USE IN YOUR DIALOGUE AT THE POSTER. Take notes in your notebook with the ones you are going to use in the dialogue. Ask the teacher for the doubts:
Vocabulary of food menus. Click here ,    here  and here
vocabulary matching games. Food and drinks. Click here.

a game to finish. Click here (trolley dash game) Can you do the shopping in the time given?

That's all for today. See you next week.

dilluns, 10 de març de 2014

2nd D Tue. 11th-18th March/ 2nd C Fri. 14th-21st March

For those who have finished everything, continue with these activities:


  • Geography. Click here.  
  • Geographical features. Click here
  • Geographical features. Click here (basic reading.Easy level-WRITE IN YOUR NOTEBOOK THE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT THE READING )  or here ( WRITE IN YOUR NOTEBOOK THE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT THE READING that you can find in PDF script for questions)  for a standard level reading.

  • Revision SHORT ANSWERS. Click here (short answers to questions)
  • Revision of questions in English. Click here (mistakes in questions. Write the score in your notebook)
  • Wh- questions. Click here.
  • Past continuous vs past simple. Click here.
  • Click here ( do it online)
EXTRA TIME. Click here (workshake game)  and here (magic gopher)

That's all for this evaluation. Good luck with your exams and marks.

dilluns, 3 de març de 2014

2nd Eso C/D Tue 4th and Fri 7th March 2014

IMPORTANT: those who have not finished the previous activities do them today. In the notebooks corrected I have written if you have some activities missing or not.

LEONARDO, click here

The others who finished everything do these activities and please, don't disturb your classmates and teacher. Remember that today we have to continue with the oral exams (2nd day for 2nD- 1st day for 2nd C)

Grammar activities:
  • Past continuous. Explanation first, exercises next click here. Write in the notebook the 3 uses of past continuous, 5 sentences of the last exercise and 4 questions and answers of the exercise on Questions with interrogatives.Do one of the TESTS nd write the score in your notebook.
  • Sentences about holidays. Choose the right word to complete the sentences.Click here
  • Verbs + prepositions -movement. Click here. Read the examples, write the meaning of the prepositions in your notebook and do the exercise clicking on prepositions exercises.
  • Let's check the prepositions of time that give you some problems. Click here (explanation+exercises. Take notes in your notebook)
Any time left, do this game. Click here (memory, verbs that indicate movement)  or here (hangman- choose the topic)

That's all for today, see you next week.