dimarts, 21 de gener de 2014

4th Eso/Mòduls Voluntaris-Friday 24th January 2014

Hi students. First, please, if you couldn't finish the last session contents you have ten minutes now. No time left, do it at home.

Next, click here and do the exercises that are in this last year session.The games are optional only if you have extra time. (fes els exercicis en l'ordre que apareixen i segueix les instruccions. Al final de la classe mostra la feina feta a la professora)

  • Do also this exercise on There Was/there were. Click here

Ask any doubts to the teacher and try to work as much as you can.(demaneu tots els dubtes i feu la feina que se demana)

Alumnat de Mòduls Voluntaris-- remember we have an exam next Tuesday.

Estudiar: vocabulari i gramàtica del tema 3 i repassar el present simple i continuu.

Have a nice session. 

2nd Bachiller B, 28th January / 4th February 14

Nice to see you again. Let's check grammar and vocabulary for your next exam.


  1. First of all, do these rewriting sentences in a piece of paper to give to the teacher before the end of the class in order to be corrected. It will be a useful practice for the exam. Click here.
  2. Next, do these activities to practise grammar contents:
            a) linking words: click here (reason, result and addition)  and here (peanut butter, quiz. Reading comprehension.One exercise in the exam . Rewriting sentences using linking words. Click here.
           b) I wish sentences. click here . 
           c) get something done and other kind of passive sentences: click here  and  here
          d) Reported speech, statements and questions. Click here  for statements and here for questions.
          e) Reported speech, commands and other verbs: click here

            1. Shopping related vocabulary. Click here (fill in the gaps texts)   and here (choose the correct words for the dialogue)
           2. Personality adjectives. Click here
           3. Composition of words.One of the exercises in the exam. To turn verbs into nouns. Practise with these exercises: Click here   and   here.
           4.Verbs + prepositions. It will be one exercise of the exam. Click here  and here. Click also here.

Phonetics and other contents. A useful web for you to practise several topics and different skills. Click  here


diumenge, 19 de gener de 2014

2nd Eso Tuesday 21st and Friday 24th Jan. 2014/ 28th and 31st January

Hi, class. First of all, those who have to finish the previous session click here.Remember: You have to give me the activities of the Forbes list today.(last opportunity)

Those who have finished everything do the next activities.

1. Grammar.

  • Click here (basic verbs for you to know. The ones you don't know, write them in your notebook.
  • Click here (present continuous text to fill in)
  • Click here (past simple affirmative form, regular verbs)
  • Click here (past simple affirmative form, regular and irregular verbs) 
  • Click here (past simple rules, read and take notes in your notebook)
  • Click here (negative form, past simple)
2. Reading comprehension.
  •   Click here (EUROPEAN SECTIONS STUDENTS). The biography of a famous writer that you know.Do all the activities on-line except the  true or false exercise. Do it in the notebook and show it to the teacher when you finish.
  • Click here (basic level. Check the past simple forms of the irregular verbs in your book. Copy 6 sentences in your notebook, translate them and show the activities done the the teacher.)
3. Games if you have extra time.
  • Any time left, enjoy this game. Click here (past simple betting game)
                                              click here (memory game. How many seconds did you need to finish it?

Exercises to do the 28th and 31st January


  • Questions in past simple. Click here (yes/no questions)  and here (wh- questions in past simple. Copy 4 questions with the suitable answers in your notebook)
  • Click here for general past simple exercises.

2. vocabulary.

  • Click here (do the exercises from 1 to 5.3. )- Exercises 2 and 3.1 do them in your notebook and show them to the teacher.
  • Click here. Write the score you get.
3. Games.
  • Click here (matching pairs games. Choose and practise with some of them)
  • Click here (sports games. Enjoy them.)

dilluns, 13 de gener de 2014

2nd Bachiller B, 14th January 2014

Let's check different contents on-line now.

  •  False friends. Click here (take notes in your notebook)
  • phrasal verbs. Click here  and here


  • Click here  and here. You have enough material and vocabulary .
  • Phonetics.
  •  Click here .  
  •  Click here to learn the sounds in English with examples.
That's all for today. See you!

dimarts, 7 de gener de 2014

2nd eso- C i D. Friday 10th and Tuesday 14th January

Let's check everything we have studied these three months, specially those contents in which you have done more mistakes in the exams. Follow the instructions, please.
Start in your notebook a part for these computer sessions, and another part for classwork, please, in a separated way.


  • verb to be and have got together. Click here (copy 5 mixed sentences in your notebook) and here
  • verb have got - very basic level: Click here
  • Questions with have got and to be: click here  and here
  • present continuous. Click here. Copy the questions and answers in your notebook.
  • present simple or continuous. Click here  and here

  • furniture. There is/there are + furniture. Click here
  • hobbies and everyday activities. Click here (listening . Try to do it well.)
Reading comprehension.
Read about the Forbes 2013 celebrity list and answer these questions in the paper the teacher will give to you to be marked.Write the questions with their answers. Click here:
a) Who is number one in the list? What's her job? where does she work and live?
b) Click on Madonna, Will Smith, Rihanna and Roger Federer and answer about them: where do they live? What is their marital status? How much did they earn last year? Have they got any children?
c) Click on Facebook and answer: How many employees or workers does it have? Where is its central office(= headquarters)?  
d) What is a celebrity? Find the answer on the Internet.
e) Who is your favourite celebrity? Why?

General culture about Great Britain and the United Kingdom. Did you pay attention in class when we explained it? Answer the questions in your notebook. Click here to find the questions.

Extra time. click here (past simple verb to be game)
                 Click here (spin off game-elementary level)  or click here (spin off game pre-intermediate level)

That's all for today. Ask to the teacher if you have got doubts.

dilluns, 6 de gener de 2014

4th divers./PQPI 2. Friday 10th and 17thJanuary 2014

A happy new year to everybody. To start, this week, we'll check some contents of the first three months.

Anem a repassar continguts vistos aquesta primera part del curs. Seguiu les instruccions, per favor. A veure si aquesta vegada els quaderns sí tenen els continguts encomanats de les sessions d'ordinador.
ATENCIÓ:Al final de la classe (17th January) recolliré la feina feta d'aquesta sessió per posar una nota.


  • Present simple. Click here (test on present simple. Copy the mistakes in your notebook.)
  • Present simple. Click here. (present simple. Write 6 questions  and answers of the second exercise in your notebook).  Click here  and here and do these two last exercises on-line, 
  • Wh- questions: click here (write one question and one answer for every wh- item)
  • Present continuous. Click here
  • Present simple or continuous. Click here (copy the mistakes in your notebook.)
  • Professions. Click here (job hunting game. Clues to discover the jobs)
  • Professions. Click here.
  • hobbies. Click here (reading comprehension and hobbies matching exercises)
  • directions expressions and place prepositions. Click here Do the exercises on line. Do the last exercise of Find the mistake in your notebook. Do also the next listening exercise- oral comprehension. Do this exercise in your notebook.
  •  Basic adjectives. Click herehere (do only the first exercise)   and here (in this last exercise, write the list of opposites in your notebook and translate the adjectives into Catalan or Spanish)
A game, to finish. Click here (beat the keeper)  or here (spin off game-elementary level) . For a pre-intermediate level of the game Spin off, click here