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2nd Eso Tuesday 21st and Friday 24th Jan. 2014/ 28th and 31st January

Hi, class. First of all, those who have to finish the previous session click here.Remember: You have to give me the activities of the Forbes list today.(last opportunity)

Those who have finished everything do the next activities.

1. Grammar.

  • Click here (basic verbs for you to know. The ones you don't know, write them in your notebook.
  • Click here (present continuous text to fill in)
  • Click here (past simple affirmative form, regular verbs)
  • Click here (past simple affirmative form, regular and irregular verbs) 
  • Click here (past simple rules, read and take notes in your notebook)
  • Click here (negative form, past simple)
2. Reading comprehension.
  •   Click here (EUROPEAN SECTIONS STUDENTS). The biography of a famous writer that you know.Do all the activities on-line except the  true or false exercise. Do it in the notebook and show it to the teacher when you finish.
  • Click here (basic level. Check the past simple forms of the irregular verbs in your book. Copy 6 sentences in your notebook, translate them and show the activities done the the teacher.)
3. Games if you have extra time.
  • Any time left, enjoy this game. Click here (past simple betting game)
                                              click here (memory game. How many seconds did you need to finish it?

Exercises to do the 28th and 31st January


  • Questions in past simple. Click here (yes/no questions)  and here (wh- questions in past simple. Copy 4 questions with the suitable answers in your notebook)
  • Click here for general past simple exercises.

2. vocabulary.

  • Click here (do the exercises from 1 to 5.3. )- Exercises 2 and 3.1 do them in your notebook and show them to the teacher.
  • Click here. Write the score you get.
3. Games.
  • Click here (matching pairs games. Choose and practise with some of them)
  • Click here (sports games. Enjoy them.)

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