dimarts, 7 de gener de 2014

2nd eso- C i D. Friday 10th and Tuesday 14th January

Let's check everything we have studied these three months, specially those contents in which you have done more mistakes in the exams. Follow the instructions, please.
Start in your notebook a part for these computer sessions, and another part for classwork, please, in a separated way.


  • verb to be and have got together. Click here (copy 5 mixed sentences in your notebook) and here
  • verb have got - very basic level: Click here
  • Questions with have got and to be: click here  and here
  • present continuous. Click here. Copy the questions and answers in your notebook.
  • present simple or continuous. Click here  and here

  • furniture. There is/there are + furniture. Click here
  • hobbies and everyday activities. Click here (listening . Try to do it well.)
Reading comprehension.
Read about the Forbes 2013 celebrity list and answer these questions in the paper the teacher will give to you to be marked.Write the questions with their answers. Click here:
a) Who is number one in the list? What's her job? where does she work and live?
b) Click on Madonna, Will Smith, Rihanna and Roger Federer and answer about them: where do they live? What is their marital status? How much did they earn last year? Have they got any children?
c) Click on Facebook and answer: How many employees or workers does it have? Where is its central office(= headquarters)?  
d) What is a celebrity? Find the answer on the Internet.
e) Who is your favourite celebrity? Why?

General culture about Great Britain and the United Kingdom. Did you pay attention in class when we explained it? Answer the questions in your notebook. Click here to find the questions.

Extra time. click here (past simple verb to be game)
                 Click here (spin off game-elementary level)  or click here (spin off game pre-intermediate level)

That's all for today. Ask to the teacher if you have got doubts.

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