dimecres, 14 de novembre de 2012

2nd Bachiller, 16th November 2012

 Click here. (previous session activities for you to finish).

New activities and exercises.
Some other activities if you want to practise more:


  • 1 (a general vision of linking words with some interesting notes on `position within a sentence, meaning, variations...)
  • 2 (so, so that, in order to...)
  • 3
A READING now. Click here. (read the story and answer the questions. It is good to take into account the use of verbal tenses-past tenses- in the story).

Phonetics. For the exam:
  • short and long vowels recognition. Click here and use your earphones. In general, in English two vowels in the same syllable make the vowel a long one. There is also the sound of a long vowel if it is followed by -r or -l.
  • -s ending in words. Click here. (explanation and examples. Now, an exercise to practise. Click here.
  • -ed endings in regular verbs. Rules. Click here to read them.  Click here. Another one for you to practise. Click here.

A curious but nice activity to practise for a better writing. Click here.

That's all for this week. See you next week.

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