dijous, 14 d’abril de 2011

2nd Bachiller C, Monday 18th April 2011

  • This will be our last session this month, so try to practise as much as you can with the contents suggested.
  • First, we'll start with relative clauses, because you need some more practice. Click here.(non-defining) Click here too. (mixed relative clauses). Another one for you to do ( relative pronouns, necessary or not). Click here.
  • Next, what about infinitives and gerunds?: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Verbs + prepositions now: 1 ( a very complete list for you to read), 2, 3, 4 (adjectives + prepositions)
  • Let's check reported speech now. Click here.
  • Passives now: 1
  • Now, click on last blog session to practise phonetics with the webs there. Click here. That's all for today. See you after Easter holidays. Relax yourselves and take energy for the last month of this course.

dilluns, 11 d’abril de 2011

PDI session 1st B Fri 15th / 1st D Tue 19th April 2011

Let's check plurals now.First, we'll check the rules and do some activities. Click here and practise. Click here for another one.
Another one now. Click here. (which is the name of the object in the picture? What is its plural form?). Another similar exercise to practise vocabulary. Click here.


REVISION EXERCISES: 1 (places voc.), 2 ( present simple), 3 ( present simple or present continuous).

LISTENINGS: 1 ( practise your English with the robot Kate. Ask her some questions and she will answer you), 2 (listen to Harry and Fiona and answer the questions orally)
GAMES: 1 ( prepositions of place), 2 (plurals game).

dissabte, 2 d’abril de 2011

1st B 1st week april/1st D PDI session 2nd week April.

  • First, we'll see the video chapter of unit 5 (spotlight)
  • Next, we'll do the exercise with clues about the city. We'll draw the map on the digital board, read the clues for everybody, give some minutes to do it in pairs and then correct the solutions all together.One voluntier will write his/her solutions on the board.
  • Now it's time to start. Unit 6 is about FOOD and Drink vocabulary.

Let's start with vocabulary exercises to learn new vocabulary

  • 1 (international dishes matching exercise. Try it.
  • 2 ( At the Café. Vocabulary)
  • 3 (Drinks. Matching exercise)
  • 4 ( Fast food. Matching exercise)
  • 5 ( Vegetables)
  • 6 ( fruit)
  • 7 (food wordsearch)
  • 8 (video on food vocabulary)
  • Now, a song to listen and try to translate. Click here. ( Don't worry, be happy.The song is in your book and maybe you know it.)
  • Time to do a game to finish. Click here. ( Trolley dash game. 60 seconds to select the items in the list)
That's all for this week. See you next week.

divendres, 1 d’abril de 2011

3rdG Wednesday 6th April / 3rd F Thursday 7th April

First of all, finish the activities you didn't do last week. Click here.when you copied the uses of present perfect in that web you had some exercises to practise. Do them today.

Now, let's start with some exercises for you to do. Vocabulary of unit 6: 1 (copy the three exercises in your notebook, please).

Vocabulary revision now.
  • 1 (places in town list + vocabulary game)
  • 2( do the crossword How are you like?)
  • 3 (checking housework vocabulary)
Grammar exercises:
  • 1 (too /enough exercise),
  • 2 ( do the first six exercises of the list. Write a sentence of each in your notebook),
  • 3 ( present perfect or past simple. Copy two examples of each in your notebook),
  • 4 ( write the past participle form of these verbs),
  • 5 ( past participle forms. Crossword).
To finish, watch this video on extreme sports. Click here.

That's all for today. See you next week.

1st eso B Monday 4th April 2011

First of all, if you didn´t finish Harry Potter's task do it now. Click here.

Next , some revision exercises for you to do:
  • Grammar: 1, 2 ( present simple) // 3, 4 ( present continuous). COPIA UNA FRASE DE CADA EXERCICI AL QUADERN.
  • Vocabulary. 1 (fes totes les activitats de la pàgina que et surt i escriu el resultat al quadernet)

    To continue, we'll work with DIRECTIONS: first, click here to learn the expressions. Copy the basic ones in your little notebook: (al menys 12).
  • Click here ( fes la pràctica de tots els exercicis. COPIA UNA FRASE DE CADA MAPA AL QUADERNET.

More practice for food and drinks vocabulary: 1, 2 ( use headphones with this game), 3 (crossword), 4 (use your headphones again).

That's all for today. See you!