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4th Eso, Monday 25th January 2010

Today, we are going to do something different. In unit 4 we have the topic of love and relationships, so we are going to introduce the vocabulary and the topic itself today.

Vocabulary: 1 ( copy in your notebook three of the words or expressions in each stage of the relationship and write its meaning.This vocabulary can be present in next exam)

2.Watch the video and write in your notebook 8 more expressions mentioned and its meaning.Did you understand what he said?

3. Now, find out the answers to these questions searching in the web. Write the answers in a paper and give them to the teacher at the end of the session.
a) Who was Leo di Caprio's first girlfriend? How long did they go out together? When did they split up? How many girlfriends has he has during his life? Write the name of three of his girlfriends you know because they are famous stars or celebrities.
b) Henry VIII married many times and got divorced some times too. How many times did he marry? Which of his wives was executed by Henry VIII's orders? Why?
c) How many wives has the president of South Africa got? Is it legal or illegal there?
d) Write about a star's love life. The names of his/her boyfriends, the time she/her had the love relationships, if this person is single, married or divorced...( an actor or actress, a politician, a football player, a pop star..., a prince or princess...)
You can have a look at these websites to help you:
1, (Leo Di Caprio)
2 (Leo Di Caprio and his girlfriends´names)
3( Henry VIII). His wives
4.(polyygamous South African president , Zuma)

Any time left:
read this dialogue, start a word document to answer the questions by yourself and keep the document in the folder of C: Formació d'alumnes--llengües estrangeres---anglès--4t eso--4tB--specifying your name, date and group. You can listen to the dialogue if you have headphones and the required programme clicking here(love and dating)

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