diumenge, 24 de gener de 2010

2nd batxiller B, Tuesday 26th January 2010

First, you can start doing the exercises on phonetics you couldn't do last day and the other grammar exercises you had no time to do.

Now, we'll check the grammar contents of your next exam:

Verbal tenses: 1( future meaning), 2 ( all the tenses together), 3 ( complete the letter. Check the answers)
Conditional sentences: 1 (watch the video, watch the presentation and do the exercise),
2, 3
Passive voice: 1, 2( have something done)
Reported speech: 1 ( statements), 2
Other contents to be checked: 1(gerunds and infinitives uses/explanation), 2 (gerund and infinitives, exercise), 3 (questions), 4 (prepositions), 5
Have a nice session.

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