diumenge, 17 de gener de 2010

2nd batxiller B, Tuesday 19th January 2010

Welcome to a new lesson on-line. It's time to practise now. Try to do your best and ask any doubt to the teacher.
First, do this exercise on `have something done´. This will be useful to see if you understood when we use this expression in English.
Now, let's start with REPORTED SPEECH for you to practise exercises on -line:
If you want, read this information first. ( at the end of the page there are some exercises if you want to start with them..

Now, click here . Practise with the different exercises. See that sometimes there is no backshift of the verbal tense, as you can see in the first two exercises .

More exercises on reported speech:
Statements: 1, 2
Questions: 1.
Orders: 1.

Mixed exercise of reported speech: 1, 2
Have a nice session.

Go to this web and practise some exercises (minimal pairs and instant sound, phonetic exercises level 1--odd word out, mark the silent consonants, cambridge English phonetic games).

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