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3rd ESO. Options for your project. March 2018

Here you have the explanation for the two possible projects you can do in this evaluation.

A) Looking for a bargain

You must go shopping with the members of your group and compare different items depending on what you are looking for, a bargain. Take photos, compare prices and then, take it to the class in the form of a poster, power point, video or whatever you think is a good way to present it with your conclusions. Did you find the bargain you wanted or not? Where did you go? What did you see in the shops? Were there many people shopping? When did you go there and who did you go with? did you enjoy the activity?

B) A Questionnaire: Shopping habits.

Prepare at least a questionnaire with a minimum of 10 questions about shopping habits to ask to at least 5 different people of different ages. Take the conclusions and the results to the class, to present it. Use any format you want: a power point, a poster, photos, a video...

Remember to ask for any doubts to the teacher and have it ready to present it in class the days that are arranged.

See you in class.

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