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2nd bachiller units 1 and 2.

Let's watch some VIDEOS about festivities now:
  • Saint Patrick's Day.Click here
  • Halloween. Click here (best Halloween scenes in films)  and here
Let's practise some GRAMMAR now:
  • Verbal tenses: click here (future and present tenses) , here (past tenses), here  (mixed tenses exercises),  here (all the verbal tenses in categories. Practise the ones you need)
  • relative clauses. 
             1. Theory. Click here. Read and take notes if necessary for you.
             2. Practice. Click here (exercises and tests to do)
             3. Rephrasings. Click  here,   and  here.

Let's check rephrasings with verbal tenses and other ones you are supposed to be able to do. Write the sentences in your notebook:
 Rewrite these sentences using the words in brackets. Do not change the meaning.

a) The last time I travelled abroad was two years ago (change the verbal tense)
b) When did she start working here? (How long...)
c) How long have you been using a computer ( use When)
d) Is this your house? (live)
e) This week I will take three exams ( By the end of ...)
f) I will be waiting for you at the station from six to quarter past six. Don't be late. (By quarter past six...)
g) This is my first meal in a vegetarian restaurant ( Use -never)
h) This plane is scheduled to arrive at seven. ( use a right verbal tense)
i) During our rehearsal for the concert, the conductor fell off the pódium (use While)
j) Our intention is to fly to Paris next month. (use a right verbal tense)
k) First, she had a shower, then she got dressed. (Start the sentence with After...)
l) Last night I saw a Shakespeare play for the first time (use- before)
m) The film started a minute ago (use Just)
n) First they finished the task, and then they left. (use -until)
O) Is this your book ( use -belong)

a) I haven't travelled abroad for two years.
b) How long has she been working here?
c) When did you start using a computer?
d) Do you live in this house?
e) By the end of this week I will have taken three exams.
f) By quarter past six I will have been waiting for you for fifteen min.
g)  I had never been in a vegetarian restaurant before.
h) This plane is going to arrive at seven/Arrives at seven.
i) While we were rehearsing, the conducturre fell of the podium.
j) We are going to fly to Paris next month/ We are flying...
k) After having a shower she got dressed./ After she had (had) a shower, she got dressed.
l) I hadn't seen a Shakespeare play before last night.
m) The film has just started.
n) They didn't left until they had finished the task.
o) Does this book belong to you?


A useful web for you to practise whenever you want.  Click here

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