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Unit 8. 3rd of Eso.

Let's practise with unit 8 contents for the exam.

  • List of vocabulary for the city.  Click here  (list of words + an exercise at the bottom).      Click here (test).         Click here
  • Places: click here (quiz).    Click here (vocabulary. Choose the right place).  Click here (shops crossword)      Click here (stores and public buildings)
  • Directions. Click here,     click   here (test, useful phrases and expressions in dialogues for directions).    Click    here(follow the route),     click   here (listening/reading with questions. As in the exam).      
  •   Click here (asking and giving directions/ TO DO IN THE NOTEBOOK (MAP AND DIALOGUE)
  • Verbs related to transport. Click here.   Click also   here (video and words. COPY THE SENTENCES ABOUT TRANSPORT IN YOUR NOTEBOOK- TO STUDY FOR THE EXAM).
  • Present perfect.  Click here  (USES AND EXERCISES. COPY the uses and one example of each in your NOTEBOOK). Do some of the practice exercises.
  • For or since:  Click here (explanation for,since ago and quiz at the end of the page. Do it)
  • Just, already, yet: click here (explanation).   Click here (a brief explanation and an exercise).  Click here (order the words in the sentences-- IN YOUR NOTEBOOK:
  • Mixed exercise past simple or present perfect? :  click here (standard/high level)  or  here (low level).
Other exercises and fun stuff.
- Reading comprehension:  click  here .
- Song: We are the champions Click here (exercises)  and   here (official video). Do you like the song?
- Game activities:  click  here (crossword present perfect vs past simple).   Click here (spin off game)

- Curiosities: records. Click here .    Click here
An interesting biography. Click here (Brad Pitt. Text and exercises)
- A video of tv show scenes to see the use of present perfect:  click  here

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