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1st Eso session. Units 0 and 1.

Let's check some contents of units 0 and 1 now. Try to do the activities and take notes of your doubts and your results in your notebook.
1. Click here ( do  some of the activities of the verb have got, family and possession)

2. Click here ( do the exercises on positive, negative, interrogative and short answers)
3. There is/There are. Click here  ( a quiz), here   and    here
4. Some/Any.  click here    and    here

3.  Vocabulary now:
       - the house. click here (low level),  here (images of objects in the bedroom),   here (parts of the house and furniture)   and  here (images matching with words)

        - family. Feminine and masculine words.  Click here    and    here

4. Questions versus answers. Personal information. Click here   
                                                                                    Click also here (write the complete dialogue in your notebook-questions and answers)

READING COMPREHENSION. Click here and  write the questions and answers in your notebook about the reading:
  1. . How many countries are there in Africa?
  2. Are there any deserts in the south?
  3. Where is the Kalahari desert?
  4. Which animals are there in Africa?
  5. How many Africans are poor?
  6. Is African music varied?
  7. Who is Ali Farke T.?
  8. What is important for the future of Africa?

NOW, it's time to enjoy after a hard work. GAMES

Game one. Click here ( The Magic Monkey. Get impressed)
Game two.  Click here (Months Crossword)
Game three. Click here (what's the time game)
Game 4. Memory. Click here (countries and nationalities)

SPLIT LESSON: FRIDAY 13th Nov. 1st Eso A.  Game to do. Click here ( SPIN OFF- Level Beginner)--- try this one at home.

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