diumenge, 27 d’abril de 2014

2nd D and 2nd C, week 5th to 9th May 2014

Today you'll practise doing a IAQSE exam of English that was done 2 years ago by 2nd of Eso students. The one you will do next week in class, will be similar to this one. Follow the instructions and then show it to the teacher.Ask for any doubts.

Practise the IAQSE test now. Do it concentrated on the task:

  • Click here( ( aneu a les proves d'anglès i feu-les. Trieu el model 1,2 ó 3. Comenceu a fer la prova a un full on escriureu les respostes. Quan acabeu doneu-ho a la professora. Useu els auriculars per a fer el listening. Si teniu problemes per a fer-lo a classe ho haureu de fer a casa i mostrar a la professora les respostes escrites al quadern. Demaneu els dubtes mentres ho feu.)

Any time left, do these activities.

GAMES. Tired to work too much: Click here (try to guess the mobile messages. Game)
                                       Click here  (concentration game. To learn and practise vocabulary)

Optional . A song. Click here (video of the song). Enjoy the silence. Depeche Mood. I think it is a nice song and easy to understand. What can you see in the video?
                               Now, try to do the exercises on the song. Click here. If you do them, give them to the teacher to be marked and you'll have an extra mark for the evaluation.

That's all for today. See you next week.

2nd Eso D, Tuesday 29th April 2014

Today, you are going to do the following activities, only if you have finished the activities of the last day, if not, finish them before doing these ones.


  • Grammar. Click here (past simple quiz, write the result in your notebook)
         TREASURE HUNT                   Click here (web Madame Tussaud's museum). 
  • Copy and answer these questions about the museum in a paper the teacher will give you. it will be marked.(copiar-ho al full i entregar-ho. Tendrà nota)

a) How much does an adult ticket cost in London? Is the price the same in Berlin?

b) In which places in Asia can you find Madame Tussauds exhibitions?

c) Name two pop stars, two actors /actresses and two sports stars you can see in London. Write at least three facts about their lives. Do you like them? 

d) Go to this link  and answer the questions.

1. Did Madame Tussaud teach art to any member of the Royalty? Who and When?
2. When did Madame Tussauds' exhibition establish a permanent base in London?

e) Do you think the wax figures seem real people? Have you ever been in a wax museum? Did you like it?

Games and other activities.
  • Click here (opposites,  adjectives)
  • Click here (match beginnings and endings of sentences to make sense)

That's all for today.

dilluns, 14 d’abril de 2014

2nd Bachiller B, Tuesday 15th April 2014

After the exam, I have seen the mistakes you have done, so we are going to check the different contents. The rephrasing exercise webs are given for you to practise at home, I hope they will be useful for you:
  • Click here for reported speech exercises:
            1) Statements. Click here           and   here.   Check the answers.
            2) questions: click here      and
            3) orders, suggestions...:  click  here    and    here (a reported speech quiz). Click also here
  • Linking words: 
  1. Click  here (contrast linking words)
  2. Click here (conjunctions)
  3. Click here
  4. Click here (contrast or addition)
  • Verbs + prepositions.
  1. Click here
  2. Click here
  3. Phrasal verbs. Click here  and   here
  • Verbs + infinitives or gerunds:
  1. Click here   and   here
  • Rephrashing exercises: click here   and   here. Another web for you to practise at home. Click here
  • Relative clauses:
  1. Click here (relative pronoun is necessary?
     2.Click here (defining or non-defining)
     3. Click here
  • Other contents you fail:
  1. Plurals. Click here
  2. Possessive and object pronouns. Click here    and   here
  3. Typical mistakes. Click here
That's all for today. Enjoy your holidays.

dijous, 10 d’abril de 2014



  1. Last sessions: click here    
Now, de these activities to reinforce your reading comprehension.
  • Click here. Listen and complete the words in the text and answer these questions in your notebook.
             a) Who does she go to the restaurant with?
             b) What is her favourite restaurant'
             c) Which address is her favourite restaurant situated in?
             d) Is her favourite restaurant big?
             e) What is there on the tables?
             f) What do they usually order to eat?
  • Click here (revision exercise and grammar- family, verb to have, possessive adjectives...). Write some sentences of  each exercise in your notebook.
  • Click here,    here          and   here  (food vocabulary). Online exercises.

      A  Game now. Click here (big challenge game. Choose the 1st level or 2nd level)

That's all for today, see you after holidays.

dissabte, 5 d’abril de 2014

2nd D/2nd C. April 2014

Hi class, today we'll work on contents of unit 5. Follow the instructions and ask for your doubts:


  • Click here for CAN/COULD exercises.( in these exercises  join the sentences together with BECAUSE. Write them in your notebook.)
  • Click here (can, could sentences. Do it on-line)
  • Comparatives. Click here (do these exercises on-line. Write the mistakes only)
  • Comparatives and superlatives. Click here   and    here     
  • Comparatives and superlatives. Click here    and  here(choose some exercises to practise what you need to do)
  • Click here (a biography with past forms to complete). To check and review past simple.

NOW; DO THIS TASK: Choose three different Guinness records and write about them in your notebook. When you finish, show it to the teacher.What do they consist of? Where and when were they obtained? Who got the record? 
  • Click here and look for records. 
  • Click here for a video about records.
That's all for today. See you in class.

dimecres, 2 d’abril de 2014

4th Diversificacio, Friday 4th April 2014

Hi, class. First, today, you have to finish last week activities if you couldn't finish them. Click here

Now, continue with these exercises.
  • Click here(tasks to do:answer the questions. Do your personal profile about you)
  • First of all, you have to check  reading and writing, so click here, take the model and do a similar model about you ( 1st paragraph of the profile). Answer also these questions. The teacher will give you a paper to do the activity. copy the questions and answers and write your profile.

  • Who does she live with?
  • Does she play any musical instrument?
  • What did she choose last year but she hated it? 
  • What did she change to?
  • Are her classmates friendly and nice or rude?
  • What happened to her at the beginning of the first year?
  • What is bad about her school?
  • What is the school like? ( cóm és l'escola?)
 Now, you can do these activities on-line.
  • Click here (going to for intentions/resolutions)
Click here (going to, exercises with pictures)

Click here (will or going to?. Copy the uses and one example of each use in your notebook. Then, practise with the exercises)

  • Click here (check possessive adjectives)
Click here (game spin off/low level)  or here (game spin off/standard level). Play against another person. Tell the teacher the result.

  • Click here (completeu el qüestionari i després passeu-lo a un full i entregau-ho a la professora)
  • Click here (nationalities and countries revision)
  • Click here and answer these questions in the paper: (exercici per fer al full)

  • What colours has the French flag?
  •  What colours has  the Greek flag?                                                                 
  •  Is the Mexican flag green and red?
    •  What flag has got 40 little stars in it? What do these stars represent?
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • Click here,    here,  here     and   here. Copy 6 new words referred to transport in your notebook.
    • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • VALERIA AND MIQUEL. Click here (checking the family vocabulary)
  • Click here (ordena les paraules de les frases)
  • Click here (complete the text with the words -listen to them. Copy it in your notebook)