dijous, 31 de gener de 2013

4t diversif. Friday 1st Feb. 2013

Today, you have to finish the activities of previous sessions ( go to `arxiu del blog´ and select the sessions required.

When you finish everything, let's check descriptions of people and adjectives. Click here and copy in your notebook:

  1. The opposites in the first exercise and their meaning.
  2. The meaning of these colours: brown, purple, yellow, red, green.
  3. 4 words related with personality and four words related with physical description.
  4. One text of a person (2nd page- descriptions with photos)
  5. Mistakes exercise at the end of the page.

Any time left, check the vocabulary of prepositions of place here. And now, do the exercise about prepositions. Click here.

That's all for today. See you next week.

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