diumenge, 13 de gener de 2013

2nd Bachiller, Friday 18th January 2013

Today, you can finally finish the activities of the previous sessions:

  • Click here (last session november)
  • Click here. (last session december)

And you can follow with these varied activities. WRITING AWARENESS:
  • Connectors. Click here. (cause and result)
  • Mixed connectors. Click here (working with connectors inside paragraphs and in writing). Pay attention to try to understand what the text says)
  • More connectors exercises:  click here. ( Peanut butter, a test for you to complete the text. Interesting exercise to practice reading comprehension and be aware of writing techniques)
  • Click here. ( verbal tenses revision test)
  • Click here ( find the mistakes in the sentences)
  • Click here (false friends notes and exercise to do. Useful to try to avoid mistakes)
  • Click here. ( active to passive, different types of sentences)
  • Click here (vocabulary on shopping)
  • Click here. (vocabulary on shopping clothes)
  • Click here ( Are you a good consumer. Try this quiz and guess)

That's all for today. See you next week.
That's a

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