dijous, 1 de març de 2012

2nd Bachiller C, Monday 5th March 2012

Let's practise a bit for your exam.
First, a bit of grammar with mixed exercises:
                   Conditionals:  1 ( do some sentences of exercise 6, some of exercise 8 and exercise 9 in your notebook now and show it to the teacher)
                  Verbal tenses:  1 (future tenses mix),   2 ( try to do these exercises and then, check your answers), 3 (a test now)
                  Passive sentences:  1 ( try to do this test),  2 ( correct the mistakes in these passive sentences)
                  Get something done:  1,    2 ( some exercises with the key)
                   I wish/ If only:  1,   2
                  Relative clauses:  1,    2,   3
                  Composition of words:  1,   2,   3,

              Writing: Connectors of  addition, reason and contrast:  ,    2,     3

            Reading:  A TEXT to do on-line now:  1

Phonetics 1 ( past simple -ed regular verbs),   2 (odd one out, exercise as in the exam),   3 (purpose linkers, sexplanation and exercises similar to the exams)

That's all for today. If you can't finish all the exercises today, you'll continue next session.

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