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2nd Bachiller A/C. Mon 19th March 2012

Let's start with some revision exercises to reinforce some aspects I've observed you have not clear.

  • Use o `the´, `a´, no article. Click here.  Check the theory now. Write some examples and rules in your notebook. Click here. More practice now. Click here. ( do the 7 exercises of the section ARTICLES to practise. How many mistakes did you do?)
  • Other, another, others...:  1 (explanation for you to read),  2 (test to practise),  3 
  • plurals in English:  Theory. Click here. ( do the quiz for practice. You can also do the quiz on the indefinite article). More practice. Click here.
  • possessive adjectives, object pronouns...: click here. ( do the exercise in your notebook and then check the answers),  2 (all the existing pronouns in English to take into account. Have a look at the examples too.).
  • that or what:  1 (test).
Exercici per fer durant la classe i ensenyar a la professora. Reading comprehension. Read the text and answer these questions:
1. True or false?. Find the evidence in the text .

 a) Shops in Illinois have suffered damages caused by gangs of teenagers.
 b) The fifty states of the USA have laws that enable to treat teenagers as adults in court.
 c) Young offenders are usually sent to prison.
 d) The Republicans want teenagers and adults to go to the same prison.

2. Find words or expressions in the text that mean:
   a) thefts                      c) an order or regulation specifying a time after which certain regulations apply
   b) lately                      d) turn other way
3. Do you think teenagers who are offenders must go to adults prisons? Why / Why not? Explain your opinion in 5 lines.

Any time left, practise phonetics ( see previous session) or do this listening exercise. Click here. 
Listening questions: which innovations for smartphones are commented? Specify the use and name of three of them.
2nd Bachiller A and C. STUDENTS GOING TO LONDON. CLICK HERE.(information about London)
 Isuppose you'll go to Camden . Click here (cyberdog shop web, the futurist shop in Camden. You must go and have a look! It's impressive and very expensive too.)
If you want some information about the possibilities that Camden offers click here.

That's all for today. See you next week.

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