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2nd batxiller B, Tuesday 16th February 2010

As I promised, you are going to work with contents that will be useful for you when we travel to London next week. To start with, you can watch one of this videos about London ( what about watching London from the London eye?

Click here to watch the video

Next,Go to this website and answer this questions:
a) Which four countries form the UK? What are their capital cities?
Now, in the same web, find the section: practicalities for visitors and answer these questions:
b) Find out about electricity in Britain and tipping in the different public places (you must be conscious of this).
c) The UK international dialling code is .............. and the area code for London is ...............
d) International calls. The minimum fee is ...........................
e) Public conveniences are ................................. Are they free?

f)) What's the time in London if it is ten o`clock in Spain?
g ) Clothing sizes. Have a look and write your shoe size and clothing size according to the UK sizes (necessary for you to know if you want to go shopping there)

  • Time to search for London information. First, discover how far it is Stansted airport, the airport we are going to, from London. Click here .
    Next, have a look at this web of the hotel ( see the facilities it offers to customers to see what you need to wear. I recommend you to take shampoo and a little bottle of soap for your shower).In which area is it situated? Mention two near places.

  • Now, have a look at the tube map and find the tube line and tube stations which are the nearest to the hotel. Click here.

  • What about some information about food (eating in London). If your are interested in shopping clothes you can click here and here to have some information.
  • And now the web of the Brunswick Shopping Centre, that is very close to our hotel. Click here and have a look at the different stores, restaurants...

  • We are going to go on a bus sightseeing tour. Click here to find out about it.

  • A curiosity now. If you have seen Harry Potter's films, click here and see this image too. Do you recognize this platform?

  • To finish, here you have varied information about London. You can click here , or go to this web (musicals, events...)

  • Remember you have to start thinking of pounds when you want to buy something there. Click here to see its current value.

  • London souvenirs are not cheap. Have a look

That's all for today, see you next day in class and get ready to go to London.

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