dimarts, 8 de desembre de 2009

2nd F Thursday 10th Dec/2nd G Friday 11th Dec. 09

Hi, everybody. This week is a bit short, so you must make an effort today.

We are going to start with comparative and superlative forms of adjectives.

  • First, copy the rules in your notebook adding an example for each rule.

  • Then , do the exercise of `test your knowledge´ in the same web and in the section of `More Activities´ do the one on `comparative adjectives´, `superlative adjectives´ and the first on `comparatives´. Ok. We leave it now. We'll follow next week.

It's time to start a mini project using the web. The title is `That's a fantastic song´.

You have to search for a song in the web, in English, of course. Follow these instructions:

  • Copy the lyrics starting a `word document´/ open office document. ( keep it in the folder `Formació/Alumnes/ ) or keep it in your pen-drive if you have taken it.

  • Add some information about the band or singer who sings this song, the title of the song,

  • why you like it. Explain your reasons and opinion.

  • key words or expressions translated into Spanish or Catalan

  • 5 pictures of symbols or things that are essential in the song.( you can draw them or find images in the web and insert them in your document)
Don't forget to write your name, course and group in the document. You can send it to me by e-mail : mbbarcelo@iesmarratxi.org.

If you can't finish it this week, next week you'll have some time to do it. Enjoy the activity!

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