dijous, 12 de desembre de 2013

2nd C/2nd D. 13th and 17th December 2013

Now, we've finished this first evaluation and I've seen what problems you have got in the exams. So, these exercises will be useful to check basic grammar and vocabulary needed.
Follow the instructions of the exercises, please. If you have problems, ask the teacher:

- grammar revision.

  1. Click here ( short answers exercises. Write in your notebook 4 different ones- questions and correct answers)
  2. Click here (complete the questions, then write four questions and invent an answer for them.)
  3. Click here (order the words for the questions)
  4. Click here (present simple or present continuous. Write four of the sentences)
- Vocabulary.
  1. Hobbies. Click here
  2. Furniture and objects. Click here,   here    and   here. Copy new words in your notebook.

-Time to do some Christmas activities now. 
  • Click here for a song.Do the exercise too. Did you like the song?. 
  • Click here for a game. (find the pairs)
  • Click here for a vocabulary activity.
  • Any time left, a Christmas game: Click here
See you next week. Have a nice weekend.

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