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PQPI-2/4th DIVERSIFICACIÓ. Friday 15th-22nd November 2013

First of all, congratulations for your exams. You did it very well.
 Now, try to have an organized notebook to give it to me.

Today, we are going to do a varied session with different contents and some games.So, follow the instructions and enjoy the session.
I will practise oral English with some of you, because the two following sessions will be used for oral exams.

1. Vocabulary and grammar activities.
  • Click here (daily routines memory game).
  • Click here (greetings and self-introduction sentences game). Copy three of them and translate into Catalan or Spanish.
  • Click here (verb like+ hobbies). Write five of the hobbies in your notebook- vocab. for next exam.
  • Click here (read the theory and do the exercises- the text with the listening too. Write the mistakes in your notebook and take notes from the theory.). Miquel, click here . Escriu al quadern les activitats que et digui la professora.  Escriu també al quadern 2 frases amb I like i 2 amb I don't like.
  • There is/There are+some/any: you did many mistakes with this in the exam. 
            Click here and do the activities.
            Click also here. Write the mistakes in your notebook.

  • Parts of the body. Click here  and here. Copy the mistakes.

 Important: la professora vos donarà un full per fer aquest listening i donar-li a la professora per a puntuar la feina feta!!!!

  • click here. Follow the instructions of the listening about Penelope Cruz. (listen, copy the questions and answer  in  the paper.)
  • Copy in the paper these information facts about Penelope and complete them:
           Profession:                      languages she speaks:                   hobby:
           Parents' names:                 brothers/sisters:                           great films (3 titles) : 

3. General culture activities.

That's all for today. See you next week.

ccCCCccCccclick here

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