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2nd C-D Week 18th -22nd Nov. 13

Today and next week we are going to do oral exams, so please don't disturb your classmates.Wait for your turn.

Let's start with grammar now:

  • Present continuous- Click here for uses, Copy the three uses and one example of each. How to form the gerund rules. Click here.Click also here to watch a video with many examples.
  • Let's practise. Click here (positive form), here(negative)  and here ( interrogative). Questions with question words. Copy 5 in your notebook=questions and answers. Click here
  • Click here to check new vocabulary words. Take notes.=the first three lists of words.
  • Click here Try to guess the words.
  • Click here 
  • Click here.
  • Click here = prepositions of place easy level.  Or click here for standard level.
Reading comprehension.
  • Click here. Read the text and describe the house in some sentences.

  • Listening.
  • click here Listen to the song, fill in the gaps, do the exercise on present simple and present continuous and show it to the teacher adding a description of the room in the video- objects and furniture you can see and situation using prepositions of place. Use also there is/there are.This activity will be marked.
Any time left, do these games:
  • I spy game. Click here
  • Click here (furniture  memory)
  • Click here ( wordshake)
That's all for this month. See you.

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